Engine Swapping Out My 89 302 For A 97 302

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  1. Hey guys! New to the forum and I wanted to get some advice as far as wether or not a 97 302 out of an explorer will work in my 89?? I've had the car for about 8 years now and always had engine problems of some sort. I've put 2 motors in from the junkyard and seem to always get screwed and now I have a chance to get this 97 302 that runs great, so I was just curious if anything needs done for it to fit?

    Thanks in advance fellas!
  2. The Engine will work, but you will need to use your current 302 for components such as assessories, headers, distributor, and misc bolts and brackets. You'll have to modify the intake setup to work on a Mustang slightly.

    Basically you are stripping the explorer 302 down to a long block setup and installing it into your car. Just to get things running, i'd install your original intake manifold and then put the explorer intake on down the road when you get the bugs worked out.

    Also, keep in mind the heads are GT-40P heads, so you may need new headers
  3. Thanks for the advice, I have an edelbrock performer RPM manifold that I'm using and I have mac longtube headers that I hope work with the gt 40p heads. And I'm goin back to the original igntion system I'm currently using a msd igniton with the 6a box and the car just has no power, breaks up, anf bogs out above 2500 rpm...wether its igniton related or not I dunno but you don't gain hardly anything from msd in my application so I'm just goin back to stock igntion
  4. The cam is different I think .. So it'll perform different , and maybe a different fire order ( might be wrong on this one)
  5. keep the efi...my 66 is carbd and id give my left arm for efi..

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  6. I am keeping my efi, way too much money to switch to carb and I'm pretty sure the firing order on the 97 is same if its an H.O. I'm trying to do this as least expensive as possible since I'm pratically being handed a great running motor.. which it is about time something starts working out in my favor with this car for once
  7. The cam has the same firing order, but different lift and duration suited for truck applications. You'll have lots of low end torque, but not as much top end power. You can swap the cam out of your old engine into the newer one. You'll need to replace the valve springs with some brand new ones, either stock or aftermarket from someplace like Crane Cams or Competition Cams. This is due to the higher lift and faster opening of the 5.0 HO and aftermarket cams.
  8. I'm not to worried about top end power I got a turbo to help with that, I just want a strong running stock motor with no problems so I'm simply slapping this motor in exactly how it is other then the intake and distributor and the clutch and flywheel and goin back to duraspark ignition cuz I have very good suspicion that my msd box is bad
  9. that explorer cam and valve springs will float over 5k rpms..no way id ever run them

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  10. I don't plan on running the car hard like I've said before if you understood the headaches I've had with this car and its motor problems ill settle for whatever runs good for now its got a lot of money invested in the whole car not just the motor its been my project car for 8 years and I just wanna drive it...I'm buying an 04 cobra in the next year so I'm really not being to picky with my fox
  11. But didn't you say you planned on putting a turbo on?

    With stock explorer cam and valve springs?
  12. I have a garrett 70 trim turbo that i been wanting to install but haven't had a decent motor too and if I do decide to put it on I obviously will do the necessary upgrades but first thing is first and that's to get the damn car running right