swapping rearend for 92 stang

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  1. I have a 4cyl rearend that i want to swap out to a 97 gt rearend ,but the pressure hose that connects from the main break line to the rearend line is different is their a adapter i can use to attacth the new 8cyl hose setup.

  2. Take the brake lines off the 4-banger rear and swap them onto the 1997 rear. You'll need to buy 94-95 GT rear caliper soft lines and bolt them to the axle and adapt to those using a Weatherhead 7818 on each side.

    Keep in mind, adding rear disk brakes will require master cylinder change as well.
  3. Thank you very much, I replaced the master cylinder with a corbra one, do I have to change the brake booster as well?
  4. That's up to you. If you feel the pedal effort is fine and you can modulate the brake pedal properly then you can keep the stock booster.

    I usually recommend to swap it though.

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  5. OK can I use a 93 corbra one?
  6. Yes. It's the same as an SN95 booster....just different bolt pattern and thread pitch

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