Swapping To A 2000 Gt P.i. From 1997 Gt N.p.i.

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  1. Came across a wreck 2000 GT, they want to sell the engine and tranny, wondering if anyone has done this type of swap. I've only found swapping P.I heads & intake but not a full engine & tranny swap. Let me know if this worth it and what headaches to get ready for.
  2. It is very much worth it. I swapped in a PI 4.6 from an '01 Grand Marquis, and is one of the best mods I've done. You'll pick up a solid 40-50 rwhp right off the bat, and still have a nice boost-friendly compression ratio.

    As far as headaches go, it is very straightforward. Considering that the new motor is coming from another Mustang, it should be a 100% direct swap. Motor, tranny, exhaust manifolds, oil pan, intake system, etc. should be exactly the same.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is the engine harness. I think you still have to use your old one, but I'm not sure. If you use the new one, you definitely have to swap over to the COP ignition. Even if you do use the old one, I'd still recommend swapping over to the COP ignition system. No spark plug wires and coil packs looks a lot cleaner under the hood. If you do this, you should be able to use the timing cover from the new motor as well, which has slightly less "things" on it relating to the ignition stuff (i.e. brackets for the coil packs). There is a write-up somewhere on how to swap over the wiring from the coil packs to the COP system. It's very straightforward and only involves splicing a few new wires the old coil pack connectors to the new COP harnesses. Shouldn't take more than an extra hour or two.
  3. The OP does not state the model year of the target car.

    As a reminder the 98 and older Mustangs came from the factory with a Non-PI Romeo block. The 2000 GT Mustang has a Windsor PI block. There are some differences. The differences will come into play if the donor car isn't the same transmission type (automatic/manual).

    However, from a plug and play point of view, the only option that makes sense is to re-use the motor harness and ignition.

    There are conversion wiring harness that will allow for a plug and play coil pack to COP conversion.

    IF you can find a Romeo block for the same $$, this will save some work.

    Best to plan on some "oh by the ways". But all can be over come. But this is a good upgrade.

  4. He's got a 1997 GT that he's wanting to swap the 2000 PI motor into.

  5. I was thinking the only thing that might make a difference would be the flywheel/flexplate, no? Since he stated he was keeping the new transmission, I didn't think anything would conflict. Correct me if wrong.
  6. So what if the original car is automatic and the donor is manual? The issue goes away if both are the same transmission type and the OP plans to re-use the original transmission.

    As for other minor differences:
    • The oil filter adapter is shorter on the Windsor
    • The front timing cover bolts are different sizes. This can have issues when swapping accessories such as coil packs.
    • The water pumps and belt tensioner is different.
    • The number of bolt holes on the valve covers are different. This affects the wiring harness stand offs. When transferring a Romeo harness to a Windsor, the wiring harness won't line up with the stand offs. Not a deal killer.
    • The 98 and older has two temperature sensors where as the 99+ has one.
    • The water heater return nipple is different.
    • everyone should know about the 6 bolt vs 8 bolt crank.
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