1. A wing of some kind would be helpfull. Those lights in the middle of the bumper don't do much for me.

    Nice car though.
  2. Car is pretty nice... the video rocks. :nice:
  3. seen it before. looks good to me, minus the fogs and wingless.
  4. It just looks good on the outside....the interior looked all tore up.
  5. i liek it.
  6. Outside is Gorgeous, inside seems kinda beat though, but overall very nice
  7. Nice, the wingless look wasn't bad considering the stock hood and all. If anything, it could use some interior work, like a door panel.
  8. I like it, I would LOVE it if it had a saleen wing and a clean gray interior. I like the lighrts in the bumper. And did any body notice the red tinted euro taillights?
  9. Car looks really nice. Not sure about the wingless deal though. I was hoping to see some nice drifts.
  10. i did and kinda liked em :shrug:
  11. I think the video and editing made that car look great ... if I saw it at a car show I wouldn't be that interested.
  12. Gay....it's a drifter.

    Lose the "lights" and get a Saleen or Cobra wing, fill out the interior, and it will be a nice car. Oh, and stop drifting.
  13. I like the look of it without the wing. If it wasnt alot of work to fill all the holes Id consider taking mine off.
    Does anybody know where to get that front bumper with the fogs? Or is it custom?
  14. I tend to agree, lots of missing body molding, no wing, and stuff. Looks more like a work in progress than a really sweet 5.0!
  15. he just bolted on a couple fog lights to his LX bumper. wingless hatches look sooo odd to me. that car just had a nice paint job and rims. looked decent though minus the no wing and fogs and interior and taillights. lol
  16. Yeah, you're right. Massive powerslides are really gay. :nonono: Since when was it cool to hate burnouts? I don't get the drift hating thing. Maybe everyone's just mad we didn't think of it before the ricers.
  17. It's my personal opinion. I think drifting is stupid. It doesn't require nearly the talent road racing does, it's a waste of perfectly good tires, and it's something ricers do. I just don't see the point of it. If you break them loose because you're making 500 wheel horsepower, it's cool. Not to attempt to get around a corner.
  18. I love it with those fogs and the wing delete, nice to see something different. That interior is brutal though.
  19. I think you need a spell check already..