Sweet "Mustang"

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  1. Just when you think your flu is going away, you see some sick **** like that. :nonono:
  2. it doesn't even look like a mustang, maybe it's just me :shurg:
  3. Odd looking. :scratch: :scratch:
  4. i did the nitrous bottle though
  5. they called zex nitrous one of the best in the industry?
  6. Sure zex is the best for ricers that don't know what there doing. It's easy to "Jerry Rig" into anything.

    People that do stuff like this should be locked up so there idiocy doesn’t spread to the rest of the simple minded world. But what ever, to each his own.
  7. yeah the the one 10" subs gonna be like an earthquake rolin down the skreet
  8. Why is an identity crisis car considered cool in the ricer world? That car = teh gay.
  9. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery some say. Not in this case though :rolleyes: Couldn't they have gotten a V6 Mustang if they hadn't spent all of that money trying to make it look like a v6 Mustang? They would have been better off with more power and more room for their sound system but eh.. some people :nonono:
  10. What's a Mustang conversation?
    Did they have a long talk with the members of Team Mustang before they butchered that car?
  11. kinda sad how that ugly ass thing would probably be able to waste a good majority of us
  12. I dont care who made it, I want the bottle!!!!
  13. you should listen to static x, song push it.. and watch your avatar. :D
  14. it says it a civic...
  15. umm, thats because it is....
  16. Take all the gay mustang stuff out, the nitrous, the system, the body kit, and the retards owning it, you have a decent car.
  17. when i first saw that i was like its a mustang?wait its a tiberon? nooooo its a ****in CIVIC, wow, who in the hell wud do such a thing, and yea, it prolly could waste a good number of us