swirls on black stang

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  1. are these pads your talking about for an orbital polisher or for use by hand?? sounds interesting.
  2. there are better options than sanding

    I've used Griot's Garage products and they are by far the best on the market. They have a random obital buffer and a series of 4 different polishes that will take care of any scrathecs, swirls and inprefections.

    They are totally web based unless you live in western Washington state, where they have their one and only store & shop. They sell a complete wax, polish, pads, and the buffer for around $250. By the way clay baring won't do anything for the swirls. Clay bars only removed impurities in the pores of the paint for a deep cleaning which you do before polishing.

    Just do a google search for their website
  3. Take it to a pro dude. It isn't worth screwing up your car over.

    Take a look at what I did to my Cobra to get defects out... it's not picnic! Takes a lot of professional chemicals and tools and most of all... know how.

    My Detailing Write-Up
  4. wet sand? are you crazy? the dude don't isn't even sure if he's buffing right.

    and as far as all swirls coming from buffers? I don't think so. I've seen some fine cars get swirl marks from plain washing and drying. its just a matter of what he thinks is bad.

    i say spend the money on a detailer. then after that take care of it properly your self. ask around. go to a car show ask who detailed the cars you like.

    better yet. ask a car dealer who they contract to detail cars if they dont' do it on the lot.
  5. Wax will never remove swirls. It is not designed to do so. The product you are working with from 3M is a polish (as far as I know) and will remove some of the surface of the paint... and hence the light swirl marks.

    Removing swirls is removing paint.

    Some waxes have a lot of fillers and will make even a deeply swirled paint jobs look good for a small time. The only real fix is to polish the swirls away using a Random orbital porter cable and the correct products.
  6. I find this to be the case of SN. So much mis info. Appears when 1 person does something or is told something from another person, this becomes his/her opinion and its locked in like gold.......till they actually put it to the test, then its not fun anymore. I agree with above comments. Locate a new forum for a specific item you desire to put closure to, only when joining, attempt the "search" feature first if applicatible. Works good for those not in a big city:nice:
  7. I have used 3M swirl and scratch remover. 9.99 for 1 pint at Murrays. It is formulated for DARK colored cars only!! It works great!!

    I have also used Wizards Shine Master...WOW This is great too. 19.99 for 1 quart