Switch Seats Need Help

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  1. So I have a 2000 Mustang V6 5 speed that came with some bucket seats that I'm trying to install but jus can not figure it out. Here's pics of the bottom of the factory seat and also a pic of the bottom of the new seats. The first is old seats the second pic is the new seats. utupu3a4.jpg yra3utu4.jpg
  2. Here's the pic of the new seats use9uqud.jpg
  3. What are you asking?
  4. take the rails off the aftermarket seats and install the rails off the factory seats onto them. They will then bolt in
  5. They don't line up I've tried that one already
  6. Are you saying that you do or don't have brackets?
  7. Well on the new red seats te have the rails but not the brackets that bolt to the floor board of the car and the factory seats have everything but the two are not interchangeable and I can't take the railings and brackets off the factory seat and put it onto the new red seats because the holes do not line up
  8. Usually when it come to after market racing seats, sometimes, even if they are for your car you need specific mounting bracket for the aftermarket seat. Then more than likely you have to mount them to the floor not using you factory locations. Sometimes you'll find the seat and mounting bracket are too high then you need to figure out how to lower the seat. Pretty much it's going to be a custom job.
  9. That's what I was afraid of but thank you so much for the information I greatly appreciate it
  10. Sounds like an afternoon with a drill!
  11. Buy you some universal seat brackets from ebay dude. There will be no drilling involved.
  12. I'm going to look shortly for some universal bracket thanks for the info. Ill post a link here to the eBay listing ill be buying to get approval first.