switching how to view the site

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  1. I switched to viewing thee site as a i phone style device. how do I go back to the regular style?
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  2. At the bottom left of the screen you should see 'Normal Version'. Click on it.
  3. Advise if you are unable to switch your forum skin back to a preferable one.
  4. I am currently on my desktop computer and see the location to switch views. When I am on my laptop, that area is non-existant. The day I was switching the view around it was there, but when I went to I-phone style to see what it looked like it disappeared.
  5. Just logged on using my laptop. at bottem left it says logout and online and underneath it says vbulletin; copyright 2000-2007, jelsoft enterprises ltd.
    nothing t switch back.

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  6. Clear your cookies on the laptop and come back to the forums homepage, it should be back to normal. Since you're on the correct skin with the desktop, it's not a configuration issue in your UserCP.
  7. Thanks, the clearing cookies thing worked.