switching motors this weekend

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by boondocksaint, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. have a 87 2.3, 5 speed. have another 2.3 block and head. what is the degree of difficulty for this swap. 1 motor out, same type of motor in. thanks
  2. pretty simple swap, with the right equipment. just remember where what you unplugged goes. also gotta disconnect the fuel lines if your doing a full swap..so gotta have the disconect for that. pretty straight forward, but if you havent done a swap before, i would take your time estimate and x2 it :p
  3. Labeling lines with tape, taking notes and digital pics has helped me many times. I'd plan for two days, one to remove, one to replace.

    but Im assuming clean, well lit space and nessasary tools.

  4. I would assume that the swap will be easy, as the engine won't be any different. like Faux said, label everything. It'll definitely help in the end.
  5. I agree, and put all the bolts you remove in labeled ziplock bags. They'll all look the same by the second or third day. :)

  6. we did the motor swap in a day, and hooked all the connections up yesterday. went like a breeze. the guy came to picked it up yesterday and was surprised we got it done so quick. but was pissed when we told him we needed to keep it another day to make sure evrything was working correctly. people have gotten really impatient, and its starting to piss me off. they think you can rebuild a motor in 4 hours and have it in the car and running in a day, and i mean running perfect.(o/t) i used to survey land and closed my business when it got to the point when attorneys were faxing survey orders in at 11:00 a.m and needing the plat by 4:00 p.m that day. the amount of professionalism is gone in that profession. im off my soap box now. thanks