Switching one '09 GT for another

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  1. My 2009 black GT coupe has 32,000 miles and a local dealer has an alloy metallic 2009 GT coupe with 20,200 miles. I like the lower production numbers for the '09 (slightly less than 1/3 as many GT coupes in '09 as '08). The alloy metallic accounts for only .0511 % of all GT coupes (13,359) vs. about 27% for black in same year. The .0511% is lowest color % other than grabber orange and the highland green for the Bullitts. Anyway, there are serveral things I like about the lower mileage alloy metallic one. Other than the "gotta do what you like if you can swing the cash" and "it's your car" thoughts, does anyone have any thoughts of discouragement or encouragment on plans to try to get the 2nd one. Many thanks for your thoughts. ALSO POSTED THIS ON GENERAL S197 DISCUSSION.
  2. Are you trading in the black one? - because it will interesting to see how the dealer handles this same year car and type - I'm 'all' for getting the lowest mileage car you possibly can when buying used - less miles means less opportunity for the original owner to scratch, beat or mess with it ......but look at it from a financial stand point is a color change really worth going back into a larger car payment ....my 07 is paid off - when the 2014 1/2 new mustang comes out .....I don't think I'll trade in my 07 - why take a beating on a car I've owned since new - if you bought that black 09 new - I would stick with that - unless you really wanted a metallic one in the first place......20 yrs from now - I don't think it matters unless it's a shelby or super snake....
  3. Thanks for comments. I simply can't
    afford a Shelby unless throught winning the lottery. Would love a Cobra. Did not go through with the deal mentioned above. Decided comments here made more sense than my spending to get lower miles and different color which by the way wasn't the right color. When I checked paint codes the car I was looking at was Vapor Silver Metallic and not Alloy Metallic. It probably doesn't matter and it was hard to tell the dfference among some of the internet photos, but bottom line is it doesn't make sense financially.
  4. Well that makes sense .....sometimes you have to think overall picture - I wish I had thought otherwise with my 93' mustang project .....for all of the money I'm spending / dumping...I could of just went out and bought a low mileaged one - modified it as I wish .....but when I'm done - every nut and bolt / piece will be 'new' or re-conditioned ....
  5. I once bought a wrecked in the whole front "92 GT black black on black. Took body class at community college and drove my car home at Christmas. Great car and I wouldn't trade for the experience I had and what I learned.
  6. Yeah - I worked at a bodyshop - when I was a kid - that's the main reason why I started it - .......just heard about the tragic shooting in Conn. - not in the mood really to talk anymore about stangs .....20 kids.... wtf is the world coming to?