Sylvania 9145 Bulb for fog lights?

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  1. I just bought these bulbs from Autozone and they don't look right to me... Is the bulb the same for the headlights and the fog's or is it a different part number?

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  2. The fogs are 893 or something close to that. The H/L are 9007 bulbs.
  3. I wonder what the hell the guy sold me then! I will take them back today.

    Also, any hints on how to get the old bulbs out easily? I tried to get them out with the housing still installed and it was a PITA. Does the housing just come out with the one adjustment screw?? :shrug:
  4. The 893 and 899 are essentially the same bulb.

    The Sylvania part number will be different from the 9007 number, which is the bulb socket number. My old Silverstars didn't have a 90* angle on them....straight plug in-they look exactly the same as the factory bulb.
  5. If you're referring the the H/L's, simply remove the two metal retaining bars that hold the H/L in.

    If you're referring to the fog lights, the easiest way IMO is to remove the bumper skin. A few screws and it'll be much easier to remove the bulbs, unless you have really long, skinny arms.
  6. It's the 893ST

    Be warned. They suck. I've run 3 different pairs of these in my fogs. All have burned out. I ended up running a ricer fog light that was actually better. I ran them for 2 years until one burned out. Then i bought a silverstar thinking it would match, noticed it was dimmer and not as white and then it burned out 2 months later again.

    Gonna order another pair of those ricer lights. They better matched my silverstar headlights than the silverstar foglights did
  7. My SS fogs are still going strong. So were the bulbs, but I gave them to a co-worker.

    I've never had any problems with them personally. Maybe the problems had to do with water leakage or something?
  8. No I have short fat arms and fingers just like my dad. Genetic similarities FTL!:lol:

    I will take the bumper cover off and take the actual bulb's to the guys at Autozone...

    Thanks everyone for your help,

  9. I just had my second drivers side of silverstar fog ligt burn out in a less than 2 years. It is because the fog housing doent get a good seal. Im going to put the stockers back in which still work fine with a bad seal.

  10. I thought this as well, but the ricer lights i am running now have lasted longer than any of the silverstar fogs i've run.
  11. I am just planning on stock replacement. I don't want Silverstar's in the fogs and standard bulbs in the headlights!!

    Only one side is out and I am in so'cal with not much rain. Should I replace both?
  12. I had the 899 bulbs and I didn't need to take the bumper off. I just reached around the backside and it worked fine.

    Thanks everyone for your help.:SNSign:
  13. In the Silverstar book at Autozone it also says for our fogs to use 9145ST. It seems completely wrong.

    What were those ricers lights you were mentioning Mustang5L5


    I have the 893's

    I did a side by side comparison with one of them in one fog and a silverstar fog light in the other.

    These were brighter and whiter (by only slight) than the Silverstars and not to mention cheaper. I have silverstar headlights on my car and these match very well.

    Just don't buy the headlights. I bought a set of these off ebay that came with the headlight bulbs and those are some of that blue crap headlights. The foglights are a normal white color. Unsure what everything else is.

    I'm actually debating buying some yellow foglights off ebay and running those with clear foglight housings. I like the look of yellow fogs on light colored cars like lexus and such
  15. I'll try an post up a pic of my Luminics Ultrawhite...i have them for headlights and in my fogs with the clear lenses. If you don't already have the clear lenses they are a must. The original lenses look fogged and faded even new.

    About taking the bumper cover off...thats ridiculous. I just changed my fog bulbs a week ago and it took 5 minutes. Just slide under there, twist them out, pop the bulb off the connector, put the new one on, and twist it back in. Hell i even changed the fog light housing without taking the bumper off when i installed the clear

  16. Another suggestion I saw once was to use a straw to remove the two hard-to-get-at screws in the top of the fog light brackets once they are loosened. Specifically, a McDonalds straw; supposedly it's just the right fit for the screw heads. Also can use the straw to restart them.

    I didn't do it that way. It really sort of sukked.
  17. Are those the same a the pure white? American Muscle has the Luminics pure white I was thinking about getting. Just curious how they are and are worth it.