Sylvania SilverStar Ultra Bulbs

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  1. Has anyone tried the Sylvania SilverStar Ultra bulbs yet in their headlights? What do you think about them?

    As far as the fog lights - what light bulbs would you recommend would go with these in a blueish shine?


  2. I got the ultras for headlights, I didnt really see any difference compared to the regular silverstars but I could be wrong:shrug: But there was a major difference from the stockers tho. I kinda wish I had the cash to get some HID's but the silverstars get the job done.
  3. Do you think the picture above of the Silverstars Ultra represent the color you are seeing on yours?
  4. i wanna say its about the same. about the same color, just not that clear.
  5. I got silverstar fog lights too but there aint the best, theyre more white looking and not as bright, but i think thats bcuz of the fog light lenses.:shrug:
  6. Excellent, thanks! I can't wait to change my OEM's out.

    In regards to the fog lights - the brightness could be caused by the OEM lenses. I am going to change my headlights out with these clear corner headlights and the fog lights out with these clear fog lights - can't wait!
  7. Here's my regular silverstar's through smoked lenses:

    If u can get a much better price of regulars get them. For me it was the difference of paying $18 or $35 for Ultras on Ebay. Good luck!

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  8. Does anyone know if they make the Ultras for our fog lights yet. I know they have they regular Silverstars for them but was never able to find the unltras. :shrug:
  9. Thanks for uploading the pictures - the regular ones look real nice too!

    After checking the link to the other thread and looking at the comparison between regular and ultra I still think I want to go with the ultra though - they're real nice and bright.
  10. Just for clarification, in the other thread that I made the brighter light is the Ultra
  11. I have the Silverstars and with new headlights and the bulbs. It makes a world of a difference! I will never buy any other bulbs, as far as the ultras go. haven't tried them but they say they are a little bit brighter.
  12. wholly thread resurrection

  13. Ya really lol.

    While I'm here I might as well give an update. I ended up buying those bulbs and used them for a summer. Not worth it.

    Finally ended up buying a HID kit and aimed them pretty low. No real glare issues and I FINALLY see the light.