symptoms of a clogged injector

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by dastang2, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. has anybody ever had an injector that got clogged. did it use a lot of gas and did it lose power and seem to run on 5 cylinders intermittantly, did it make the engine shake sometimes.
  2. i get that alot in my 2000 V6
  3. I get like a hesitation when I pounce on it. It downshifts (damn automatic) and then waits a little then the rpms fly up. It does need an oil change but I image that not being a factor here. I put fuel injector cleaner in it. It got a little better. I do have an extra set of near new stock size injectors (18 I believe) and 22 or 23 lbs injectors. Would upping the injectors to the larger gain anything on a stock motor? I could throw a cold air intake on it I suppose and I want to remove the muffler and go chambered exhaust.
  4. You probably need to clean out the MAF/sensor as well as throw in some injector cleaner.

    I wouldn't bother putting in larger injectors as they are rated to work at a certain percentage of ther max efficiency. Your stock injectors will work even with a mildly to moderately modded engine. No performance gains would be noticed from just an injector size increase.

    Knocking, studdering, shaking could all be attributed to dirty injectors. Try cleaning them out and pick a gas station with a decent detergent gas additive in the future. Check to see if your computer is throwing a code as well, that would tell you if there is anything else going on like a bad O2 sensor or the like.
  5. my car gets code after code, and mysteriously just dissapear. i had an 02 code but that went away after i put the holley pump in.when it went in the water, i changed the pump and i had some good spare injectors but i lost one, so i had to go to the junkyard to get another matching one. i also broke a bolt in the bottom intake so i took the bottom off to get it drilled out, then i put new felpro gaskets on the intakes. so really the injector or the gasket set has got to be the culprit because i drove this car around before the injector and pump install and it ran crappy but not like this, you know where i am getting. i am just trying to eliminate some possibilities. i think i have used some efi cleaner after the injector install but not sure. i don't think that stuff works too good.
  6. it revvs pretty much perfect when out of gear but when i have some strain on it, it putts around sometimes and sometimes you would be cruising while it is running rough and stuttering and all of a sudden the power would kick it like that one cylinder got enough gas for a second.
  7. Yeah my 6 is doing the same thing i think, i really notice it when i first start it and go down my street, everythings fine then it like hesitates then starts to go faster again. is this an injector problem, let me know if you find anything that works

  8. well today i disconnected 4 injectors one at a time while idling to see which one causes the less difference in the idle quality. the first one made quite a bit of difference, i plugged it back in and tried #2 and it made a good bit of difference too. keep in mind that the motor shakes and has a slight miss at idle, so if i unplug a good injector it is going to decrease the quality quit a bit since there is a partially clogged injector already causing a decrease in idling. i unplugged #3 and it change a very slight bit but not much. #4 was also causing a good bit of change. so i think that #3 injector is the culprit. today i am going to pull the plugs to make absolute sure that the injector is bad. you follow me, try this.
  9. well i am confused, i took the plugs out and #3 and every other plug was good except #1 which was black as night, either i have a bad intake gasket which is brand new, or i have an injector that is stuck open. i have no code that pertain to the problem though.