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  1. I am *not* a fan of SYNC and am *not* posting in order to gripe about it. But since I am stuck with it, I would like to extract as much as I can from it. All I use it for is the cell phone. Here's my situation.

    Last week I leased a Chevy Cruze for my trip to Ft. Worth...just didn't feel like taking the Stang and adding more miles than it deserves. Once I paired my phone to the Cruze's system, it would detect my phone as soon as I entered the car. Like no action ever required on my part...EVER!

    With the SYNC, I have to manually connect from my phone EVERY TIME I enter the car. I have spent alot of time sitting in the car with my SYNC manual going through all kinds of steps trying to get it to automatically connect like the Cruze's did. My efforts always culminate with SYNC searching for a connection but coming up with "No Phone found" and asking me to connect my bluetooth device.

    Is this an incompatibility issue with my phone? I suspect this is the case. Or is this just another fine feature of SYNC?
  2. My old HTC Droid Incredible was a little buggy with SYNC. I think it kept getting the Bluetooth headset confused with the headphones. Occasionally I would have to completely unpair/repair it in order to get it working and then it would start acting up again a few weeks later. I just got an iPhone 4S and it works flawlessly with SYNC via Bluetooth in my 2011 Mustang GT. Say I'm listening to a podcast on my headphones then turn on my car which was already set to the Bluetooth audio setting. The phone pairs automatically, the headphones cut out and the car speakers start playing right where it was. It is also good and picking up the last spot I was listening to and automatically resuming. Both with the music app (songs & podcasts) and with the Pandora app. The steering wheel controls even work for skipping songs. I can't comment on AppLink because Ford still hasn't released a Sync update for my car but my only complaint with the Bluetooth connection is that the song information doesn't display on the head unit like it does when listening to my iPod via USB but that's a pretty minor nit.
  3. My phone is a Nokia E71x smartphone that is getting close to 2 yrs old...that's old for a cellphone. I almost bought the 4s two weeks ago but talked myself out of it. The $15/mo data plan scares me...I'm afraid I'd unknowingly run over the 200MB limit quickly and get a $1000 phone bill...
  4. I think there is a list of known fully compatible phones on sync's website
  5. Based upon customer feedback the Nokia E71x does have issues staying connected. However, I'd like to recommend trying a different pairing process that should help. Certain phones hold the best connection when they are Reverse Paired. Instead of the usual pairing process where your phone finds SYNC, SYNC will find your phone. Before doing this, you'll want to remove SYNC from the listed Bluetooth devices in your phone and perform a Master Reset on the SYNC system. Here are instructions to get started:

    Navigation radio:
    Master Reset:
    1. Press the phone button on the radio.
    2. Select SETTINGS.
    3. Select ADVANCED.
    4. Scroll down to MASTER RESET.

    Reverse Pairing:
    1. Press the phone button to access the phone menu
    2. Select SETTINGS
    3. Select ADD
    5. Select your phone from the list of devices SYNC finds
    6. You will be prompted to enter a PIN using the keypad on your screen, enter 1-2-3-4
    7. Your phone will ask for a PIN number, enter the same one you entered on your vehicle
    8. After pressing OK or enter on your phone, they will attempt to make the connection

    Standard radio:

    Note: To scroll use your seek arrows.

    Master Reset:

    1. Press PHONE to enter the PHONE MENU.
    2. Scroll repeatedly until SYSTEM SETTINGS appears in the radiodisplay.
    3. Press OK to enter the SYSTEM SETTINGS menu.
    4. Scroll repeatedly until ADVANCED appears in the radio display. PressOK.
    5. Scroll repeatedly until MASTER RESET appears in the radio display
    6. Press OK.

    Reverse Pairing:

    1. Press the phone button to access the phone menu
    2. Scroll to ADD DEVICE and press OK
    3. The screen will display Find SYNC and begin giving instructions, instead of following the instructions, scroll up or to the left one time.
    4. It should now display FIND DEVICES
    5. Press OK and SYNC will find your phone
    6. Select your phone from the list of nearby devices and press OK
    7. It will ask for a PIN. Speak 1-2-3-4 as if you were giving a command.
    8. The system will repeat the PIN, then press OK
    9. Your phone will ask for a PIN number, enter the same one (1-2-3-4), and press OK.

    Let me know if this helps or if you have any questions!

    Also, here's a link to the compatibility chart ATISTANG was referring to:

    Have a great weekend!
  6. Yeah it's bout that time to get a new cellphone plan for myself at least. T-mobile is running a special for a 2-yr contract right now $49.99 (for 2 line family plan) unlimited text, talk, and data (the first 2 gigs being high speed w/e that means). Pretty straight deal, trying to talk my wife into it so we can get a new plan
  7. Thanks for the great input!! I reset my system twice and reverse paired twice. No change. So I suppose I'm just stuck with taking 10 extra seconds every time after re-entering my car to manually connect! Darn... Life can be a b**ch! :bang:
  8. ^^^^^ NEVER FREAKIN' MIND!! I had to set the SYNC reverse pairing on my cellphone bluetooth to "Set as authorized". She connects automatically now! THERE IS A GOD! :crazy:

  9. ... and his name is SYNC! :hail:
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  10. LOL! Well this is great news. I was worried after you said that Reverse Pairing didn't help. Certain phone have have to authorize a connection and certain ones don't. I'm glad you figured it out.

    Love it, Noobz347! Perhaps, I can be the SYNC Goddess? ;)

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  11. Jaclyn Im so glad u are here....SYNC is the source of so many posts that it was getting old. Its great that you are able to take the time to help out and solve these issues! Thank you.

  12. For you. :)

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  13. Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm happy to be a part of this forum. I guess you could say I have a pretty sweet job. :cool:

    My entire team and I literally just LOL!

    I'm definitely looking forward to more fun and exciting post like this!

  14. Wow! This has been a great thread. I walked away thinking my problem was fixed and you guys had the opportunity to do a little web page fancy work utilizing your skills, knowledge and expertise! The FordIVTeam did a phenomenal job in imparting their technical prowess. It was great!

    However, I was too quick to declare and end to my frustration with my phone-SYNC interface after the reverse pairing. After 2 successful automatic connects and the joyful letting of tears as a result, the system decided to call it quits again and do something new. Not only did the 2 fail to communicate anymore, my phone was locked up as a result of the connections. I had to do the SYNC master reset procedure and do a normal pairing to rectify the occurrence. I again have to manually connect the 2 and am more than thrilled to do it. At least my phone doesn't lock up.

    I thank you FordIVTeam! :hail: The problem is fixed in that this whole process has convinced me that the problem turned to be with me. It is what it is. Like deal with it dude. Love the car and love the phone, but don't expect the 2 to ever get along. Life is too short to try and solve a problem that has no solution as we have heretofore demonstrated. THE PROBLEM IS RESOLVED! I'm OK. You're OK!! :flag:
  15. THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought an iPhone 4 (no, not that silly 4S) and SYNC connects as soon as the car starts!
  16. ^ Good to know^ I hope to be heading that route soon myself with the next iPhone
  17. I havent had any issues with the LG Thrill so it can be added to the compatibility list if any members have that phone.
  18. I have an LG Cosmos 2 and I had a problem with pairing. Sync would recognize the phone and then disconnect every time. The problem was with the automatic download for the phone book. Pairing the phone and saying no to the auto download and then doing a manual download for the phone book solved the problem. Found the solution on Verizon website cause others had the same problem. It is a phone glitch and not a Sync error. ;)