Synthetic Oil Vs Regular

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  1. What do you guys like better?
  2. New to cars?

    Always synthetic.
  3. For my mustang which sits alot and when it does get driven I like to drive it hard . I like mobil 1 10w30 synthetic , been using it since 3000 miles after I broke the engine in ,when I pulled the heads to change the head gaskets it was the cleanest engine inside I have seen . engine has about 30000 miles on it ,I change it once a year . i only drive it about 3000 miles a year . Now for the daily drivers a 2002 escape and a 1999 jeep wrangler I use motorcraft synthetic blend oil , works really good the Motorcraft is top notch , if its good enough for ford to warranty on a new car its good enough for my cars , the jeep has 212,000 miles. on it and the escape has 156,000 miles on it.
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  4. I wouldn't necessarily say that. My dad's old work van has a half million miles on it running nothing but conventional. My Civic has got just under 300k with nothing but conventional. Lots of vehicles on the road that get a quarter million miles or more on plain ole' oil.

    It's really all about frequency of change. If running conventional, you need to go by the old adage of changing it every 3000 miles. But with synthetic, you can get away with 6000 miles or more. So it's all about how often you want to change the oil.
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  5. Whatever is on sale, followed by a quality oil filter.
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  6. Depends on the car. My Exploder has 321,000 on the odo and is still going. Used nothing but dino stuff in it. New cars or low mileage cars I use Amsoil. Why Amsoil you ask? I sell it at the shop and get a great deal on it. I also get 3% rewards points on it for every order. The company is 100% American owned and operated and veteran owned. They also have oils with OE drain intervals, 10,000 and 25,000 mile drain intervals (pending you follow the directions on the bottle ie. use Amsoil or equivalent filter or change filter every 5,000 mi). Amsoil and Mobil1 both start out as the same base stock as far as oil goes.

    Anything good quality with a good quality oil filter and you will be fine. Pennzoil and Fram ARE NOT good quality.
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  7. Thanks for the reply's, Anyone ever put in militec or anything also?
  8. I use Brad Penn "Green" Oil. It's a partial synthetic and has all of the zinc additives that Uncle Sam made Rotella remove from their oil. Has been working well for me, not saying it's the best or worst but it's just right for me ;)
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  9. Something has to be said to the fact that automakers aren't requiring oil changes for intervals of 7k-10k miles now with a quality synthetic oil. Modern oils can last a lot longer than conventional thinking, as I highly doubt the major automakers would voluntarily put their butts on the line with these recommendations otherwise. Staying on top of your maintenance schedule and using a quality filter (not Fram) is more important than how much you're spending per quart of oil. The only exception being a race type build that is consistently being pushed to the limits, then I would spare no expense and go full synthetic to ensure proper lubrication at all times for piece of mind.
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  10. I use Mobil1 oil with a Motorcraft oil filter. I change it every spring and use six quarts of 5W-30. I change the plugs every spring also I use NGK TR6. They are also numbered 4177 which is the colder heat range plug. In a GT I would suggest NGK 3951.

    Also, it is very important to change your brake fluid. Do it immediately.
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  11. Thats what i did with the Mobil1 and Oil filter, diddnt go synthetic this round, i think im going to buy 16oz bottle of Militec-1 and try 8oz in the oil and maybe few other slots, everything i read about it people rave about how awesome it is..

    Why should i change my brake fluid immediately?

  12. ^^^this^^^ I generally use synthetic blends.
  13. Listened to a podcast with Lake Speed Jr an oil guru and he said that it depends on what your seals are conditioned to. If you build a new engine and start using synthetic then keep using it and vice versa. My engine had about 20k miles on it when I bought it and put synthetic in it the first oil change and started leaking. Started using conventional again and stopped. Some people can get away with switching.
    I couldn't.
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  14. Brake fluid breaks down over, too, will get dirty, moisture gets in and contaminates it, and the performance of your brakes lessens. After you have the brake system flushed and new fluid is in there, you will notice a significant difference in the feel of the brake pedal.
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  15. Most new cars have an engine oil life monitor. Based on how you drive it will determine the best time to change your oil and filter. Most often that is in the 7,500 to 10K range, although I have seen the "change engine oil soon" light come on at only 6k miles. What is interesting is that most often than not the engine oil still looks pretty damn good even after 10k miles. It is a testament to the build quality/ring seal of modern engines. The Ford dealer uses 5/20 synthetic blend as a rule, unless it is an Ecoboost engine which gets 5/30 synthetic blend. The customer has to request full synthetic if that is what they want.
  16. diddnt know they had that kind of monitor my other trucks and cars were always a set number iirc like 5k miles
  17. go walmart grap ( 2 gallon jug or 1 jug if you still have some oil left preview oil change ) valvoline, castrol gtx, pennzoil, quaker state of what ever on sale and make sure its 5w30, turn around grap a FL-1A and go check out. Change oil every 3-5k miles or every 5-6 month, or before long trip. check oil every 2 week or every month.
  18. The oil life monitors have gotten smarter over time. My dads 2005 Explorer throws the Oil Change warning after so many miles...but many newer vehicles from just the past 5 years can "analyze" the oil.