Synthetic oil, when to use???

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by racenut, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I am wondering when will it be OK (miles)to start useing synthetic motor oil. The next oil change is coming up on my wifes car, 2003 v6, at 9500 miles. Can I start useing the synthetic oil yet. I ask because I have read that a new car needs to brake in before you use the oil.

    racenut :D
  2. You can start using it right now... Just make sure you flush all the conv. oil out before you put synth. in.
  3. Just use synthetic oil on your next oil change and don't worry about "flushing all" of the old oil, as long as you drain as much as you can thats all you need to do.
  4. it doesnt matter either way....synthetic oil is completely compatible with all normal types of motor oil....ive been using synthetic motor oil for 30000 miles now...
  5. the stock ford 5w 20 is semi synth anyway.... no one makes a 5w 20 synth i am wiling to use... i guess i will have to run a 0w 20 mobile 1 next change.
  6. 0w 20? i've never heard of that, any way mine says to run 5w 30... :shurg:
  7. pre 99 run 5w 30 99 up run 5w 20.... emmisions thing.
  8. i run 10w30 fully texas you really don't need never gets that cold to where your engine oil needs to be that thin....
  9. Well, maybe in most parts of Texas, but up in the panhandle, 5w30 is what is recommended by most dealers in the area. It's gettin' below freezing here now....BRRR!