Synthetic OIL

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  1. What is your choice of sny OIL ? What is the best Syn oil ?

    I used Mobil 1 however have tried Royal Purple and am not impressed.

  2. There is nothing there to impress you with. The purpose of synthetics isn't to make your car run faster, but to reduce the wear on your engine. Use it for 100k then pull your motor apart....then you'll be impressed.
  3. i use Mobil 1 5w30. easiest oil to get in a pinch in my area, plus its about $27 for a 6 pack from Costco. also have debated trying Cosworth Lubricants 0w30.
  4. I noticed minimul wear with Mobil 1 after rebuilds however the switch to Royal Purple has yet to be seen. Royal Purple seems to burn and vaporize faster.
  5. I use Mobil 1.. the car starts quickly in the morning and seems to run smoother. I switched from motorcraft part-synthetic 5w30
  6. Mobil 1 all the way.....................
  7. Seems like most Mustang owners run Mobil 1 5w-30

    anyone run Red line ? or AMSoil
  8. I did an oil change a couple of weeks ago, I went to autozone with the
    intention of getting some mobil 1, but for some reason (1 too many beer)
    I ended up with Valvaline syntec 10w30, seems really good so far.
  9. I run a AMSOIL in my bike,and I have to say that is a excellent oil as good as Mobil 1 all day long................
  10. I run the castrol syth. I've just always preferred castrol.
  11. I run motorcraft premium syntheric blend seems to work good to me.
  12. I run Amsoil full synthetic 5w-30 w/ Amsoil EA technology synthetic filter. Works great. I only have to change my oil and filter once a year.

    The really good news is Amsoil is 100 percent made in America, and doesn't use foreign petroleum. :nice:
  13. I would not reccomend anyone wait that long between oil changes if they drive their car. Even if the oil is good enough to not break down for that long it still becomes contaminated from condensation and gases circulating through the pcv system.
  14. I use Amsoil and love it. A bit pricey though.
  15. I've only used Mobil 1 in the Mach so far, but I have tried Royal Purple, Amsoil, and Redline in my other car. Didn't notice any differences.
  16. I will be going back to Mobil 1 cause it out classes the majority of syn motor oils.
  17. i bought castrol syntec 5w20 this last oil change. i normally run motorcraft 5w20

    didn't notice any difference whatsoever. runs the same, idle's the same, starts the same

    only reason i bought it was because i was at walmart and decided i might as well buy some oil while i was there (both canola and petroleum)

    they were down to 3 qrts of motorcraft and mobil 1 didn't have 5w20 so i went with castrol

    wasn't aware we had a petroleum analysis expert on the boards?

  18. If you have the extra $$$....Mobil 1 can't be beat. Motorcraft 5W-20 is the reccommended oil & it's certainly cheaper. I run Mobil 1 5W-30 in my mustang & Motorcraft is the wife's Ford Ecape. When in doubt, go with what the manual says !
  19. i have used Mobil1 full syn. since i bought the car nothing but 5w-20 which is what it requieres

  20. I do not hold your opinion.
    I have been using Amsoil and Mobile 1 since my car was new.
    10 years later I do a P&P head swap to find there is zero sludge in the cylinder heads and the cross hatching is still in the cylinder walls.
    I burn a total of 1 qt of oil per year this is including the make up oil from the filter change after 6 months.
    My gas milage is the same as it was the day it was new and have never had a lubrication related problem or even a puff of smoke from the exhaust.