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  1. How many miles on your car? If you don't have over 200k on the odometer on a 10 year old car then I don't consider you really "driving" the car.
  2. Woohoo, 5w30 dino oil for me!! Change every 3k miles, seafoam every change.
  3. Mobil 1 in all my vehicles. Cobra gets a Mobil 1 synthetic filter in addition to the oil. More high performance cars come with Mobil 1 as a factory fill than any other major synthetic oil. That says a lot to me.


    Mobil 1 is a factory fill on the following cars:

    Lancer Evolution VIII
    Cadillac CTS, CTS-V, XLR, XLR-V, SRX and STS and STS-V
    Acura RDX
    All Porsches'
    Mercedes Benz AMG's
    Mercedes SLR
    Aston Martins
    All Chevrolet Corvette's since 1992
    Chevrolet SSR
    Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS
    Chrysler 300C SRT-8 and Crossfire SRT-6
    Cobalt SS
    Dodge Charger SRT-8,
    Didge Magnum
    Jeep Cherokee SRT-8
    Mitsubishi EVO III
    Pontiac GTO
    Dodge Ram SRT 10
    Bentley Amage and Bentley GT
    Saturn Red Line
    2000 Cobra "R"

    What I want to ask all the RP nutswingers is this.... how many auto manufacturers or major race teams use or promote RP??? :scratch: :D
  4. Do you actually think those manufacturers use Mobil 1 solely because they truly believe it's the absolute best oil, or because they have some sort of financial agreement worked out with Mobil? I bet if RP had the same size advertising budget Mobil has that you'd see RP in more cars and more manufacturers singing its praises.
  5. I believe the manufacturers believe it is truly the best mass marketed synthetic oil available. So you tell us what does Mobil get out of the deal? How does Mobil 1 benefit from this partnership with so many auto manufacturers? We know what the auto company gets...a superior motor oil, so what does Mobil get out of it?

  6. mobil 1 full syn and oil filter.. i bought my 02 gt used with 15k on the clock it now has 21k (summer car only) i have always used it in all my cars never had any problems it cost more but i think its worth it........
  7. My local Mustang performance shop recommends nothing but Mobil1 synthetic.Once again I use back and fort Mobil and amsoil for my bike that have a massive V tween air cool motor that is 1700 cc,some times running under extreme temperature stock in traffic and the oil is not breaking down,I love this two brands of oil, I think they are the best oil on the market right now:nice: .But that is just me, may be I am wrong...............:shrug:
  8. Testing has shown differently. The amsoil oil has a synthetic detergent package that lasts for quite a while. Not to mention the synthetic filter uses their EA technology. I went for a full year without changing my oil or filter, and when I drained it it came out looking new. Didn't see, nor feel any contamination. I admit that sight and touch doesn't mean much, but I'm just telling you my results.

    As far as gases circulating through the PCV system, they always do, despite when you change your oil.
  9. Just figured I'de comment, and say that Amsoil synthetic oil used with the new EA filters is to be changed once a year, or every 25k miles. Amsoil even offers a test kit, so that if you wish to take a sample of the oil, and send it off to see if it's still good you can.
  10. The main thing they get out of it is that they get to make the claim that you originally posted-- that they're the "oil of choice" for those prestigious makes. That, in turn, makes the average Joe think "Wow, that must really be the best oil if those high-end manufacturers are using it." Just like how Tylenol practically gives away product to hospitals so that they can say in their commercials "the brand hospitals use most".
  11. Mobil 1, RP, castrol....all good sh1t. Personally I think the filter is more important. I use the motorcraft filter...
  12. agreed

    this has been discussed before and it does make sense. average joe sees "porsche recommends mobil 1" average joe goes out and buys mobil1. mobil1 makes a few bucks several times a year from average joe. multiply that by at least half of all porsche owners and mobil1 makes quite a bit of money
  13. A lot of guys on Bobistheoilguy would disagree about the Mobil1 praise here.

    I personally use M1 5W-30 with the M1-210 filter. I change it before start up after the winter storage in March and then in Spetember. I only drive the car 6-7000 miles a year, so I should probably only do an annual oil change. My '88 Olds gets the drained M1 oil, so I don't mind doing the extra change.
  14. true, a lot of people on that site complain of increased noise with M1. they also complain of a lot of weird stuff, but its an awesome resource.
  15. im running wd-40 but my motor doesnt sound too healthy now

    lol jk mobil 1:D

  16. You sir would gain knowledge by opening your mind, doing some research and accepting new products based on testing not emotional ties to the old ways.
    There is a whole new world out there give it a try.

  17. Okay I'll play along with this scenario for a little while...

    If this is truly the reason then why don't we see any of the other major oil providers vying for the same or an equal position with the auto manufacturers? How come Pennzoil or Castrol don't have any exclusive contracts with auto companies to be selected as a factory fill if this is such a bang-up marketing plan aimed at us "Average Joe's"? Did you know Mobil 1 has been making synthetic oil since 1974?

    Additionally... When was the last time you saw an ad campaign by Mobil 1 that says LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! I'm the choice of numerous performance automobile manufacturers when it comes to oil!? There's a small blurb on the company website about it and that's really all you find besides an occasional automotive press release. No big national campaign pushing this fact.

    Guess I'm just an average Joe who feels that an oil company shouldn't have to rely on a gimmick such as coloring their oil purple to make it stand out from the crowd. Maybe they should start making Royal Pink for the powder puff racers! :D

    On a serious note though... I think ALL major brands of motor oil will provide adequate protection for today's vehicles as long as it's changed regularly. I have a habit of sending in an oil sample to Blackstone Laboratories every time I change the oil in my Cobra. Every report they've sent back has stated my oil was nowhere near the end of its useful life span and had plenty of TBN's to go another 3000 or more miles. It also showed below average wear characteristics. If Mobil 1 is such a bad oil why would the automakers use it in their high performance cars?

  18. I've gained plenty of knowledge in the 20+ years I've been working on cars. And I'm not by any means against synthetics. I run nothing but mobile 1 in my cars. Synthetics will contaminate and become acid just like bio oils it just takes longer. And the older your car gets the sooner it becomes contamitated. Can you go a year on one oil change In most cases probably. Should you? Unless you are doing regular oil analysis to verify the condition then no you should not be going that long. If you are you are ignorant, or lazy, or both. And I personally would just as well, go ahead and change the oil three times a year as added protection. And I'm sure that any of the guys in here that still have a warranty and choose to follow your advice, will have no problem getting an engine covered if they have a problem if the just tell them that Dwayn on the internet said they could go a year without an oil change:nice:
  19. If you are doing the oil analysis, I see no problem with it. If you aren't you shouldn't be going that long. But if you are taking the time to do the analysis, mail it in, wait for the results etc. You could have just changed the damn oil in 15 minutes.
  20. Is that a full year on the same oil filter too? :scratch: :eek: