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  1. Not for me its not...
  2. there is a lot of BS in this thread.
  3. Yes, it actually is. Amsoil is quite different from Mobil 1 in terms of some of their stuff. If you don't believe me, go to the site for Amsoil, and read up.

    I've used Amsoil in my vehicle without any problems at all. Didn't notice any hard starts, metal shavings in the oil, nor any gas consumption or oil consumption issues. Same goes for my brothers Mustang, and even my mothers old 89 Aerostar van.
  4. I'm not knocking Amsoil at all. I've read all about it. I'm just not convinced that it's so much better than Mobil 1 as to offset the added cost & hassel of obtaining it. Amsoil has been proven one of the best synthetic motor oils out there, but anyone who would use the same oil filter on their car for a full year without changing it is not firing on all 8 cylinders if you ask me. While the TBN's in Amsoil may last upwards of a full year I would think that the normal contaminates caught by the oil filter would be excessive if run for a full year. Straight from Amsoil's own web site it says..., "AMSOIL SDF Filters are designed for extended drain intervals of 12,500 miles or six months (whichever comes first), making them ideal for use in conjunction with premium AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils."
    Great way to boost your post count. :nice: Now try contributing something instead of making a worthless remark with no substantiation. :rolleyes:

  5. ok, just for you resident oil expert.
    it appears that many are using a synthetic and still changing their oil on a regular basis. imo it is a waste of money to do so. If you change every 3K or less just use a mineral oil.
  6. I never claimed to be a tribologist? :scratch: ...and for the record I totally agree with your statement... however I too am one of those who use a full synthetic and change it at intervals less than recommended.

  7. That is their older line up of regular SDF oil filters. The new EA technology filters are designed for 1 year/25,000 mile intervals.

    BTW, I'm a preferred Amsoil customer. I get it for not much more than Mobil 1. Not to mention Amsoil doesn't use hydro-cracked petroleum in their oils, unlike other companies. Amsoil obtains all their stuff from right here in USA.
  8. I don't know man.... That's an awful long time to run the same filter. I'm not saying it's not capable of providing filtration for that long, but it sure seems like you'd be losing some serious oiling system efficiency towards the end of that 12 month period. I'd think that filter would be so chocked full of crap that it would become somewhat of a restriction?

  9. I use Castrol GTX syn 5w30 i figure if its good enough for John Force's Mustang!! it's good enough for mine!!! LOL
  10. john force i can almost guarantee does not use a 5w30 oil in the race cars. have you ever seen that stuff get poured in at a race? ive seen 140wt gear oil pour faster. im sure Castrol makes the lubricant, but its not something you will be able to buy. its like how in F1, Mobil sponsers the McLaren Mercedes team, and the team does use M1 lubricants, however its a formula that you will not be able to buy. although at some Champ Car races, i have seen them pour M1 15w50 straight into the motor from a sealed bottle.

    Castrol btw is the official oil of BMW. all the newer M cars, M3, M5, M6 use Castrol Synthetic Racing 10w60 oil.
  11. 10w60!!! :eek:

  12. ya, its a really good oil. one of my coworkers has a 2004 M3, and it says right in the book that oil is to not be changed before 15,000 miles. he checks it every few thousand miles and it still looks new and its not low at all. currently besides Castrol, i beleive Elf or Motul makes a 10w60 oil. BMW requires Castrol otherwise the warrenty is void. they also provide free maintainence for the first 50k miles, including oil changes, clutches, brakes.
  13. Those engines must have really loose tolerences then. Once that engine gets hot and the oil gets up to a 60 weight it ain't going to flow worth crap! The pistons on those cars must have serious slop in the bores!!!


    *EDIT* I just went to BMW World and sure enough! There's a service bulletin stating the following:

    BMW Service Information Bulletin 11 06 01, October 2001

    BMW has changed their engine-oil recommendation for all M cars equipped with the new S54 engine (E46 M3 coupe and convertible, 2001-on M coupe and M roadster) from the previous BMW High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 engine oil (made by Castrol), pn 07 51 0 017 866 (1 quart), to Castrol TWS Motorsport 10W-60 Synthetic Engine Oil (previously known as Castrol Formula RS 10W-60. . . the oil is the same, only the name has changed) pn 07 51 0 009 420 (1 liter).

    Presently, BMW recommends Castrol TWS Motorsport 10W-60 for all S54-equipped M-cars as well as all S62-equipped M5s and Z8s produced after 3/00, the factory recommends BMW High Performance Synthetic 5W-30 engine oil. The oil change interval of approximately 15,000 miles or once a year remains unchanged.

    The wording is a little confusing though, don't ya think?
  14. ya its confusing, unless you read those stupid things everyday. kinda scary that they went from spec'ing a 5w30 to a 10w60.

    also whats intersting is to read ford's oil specifications in other countries for the same motors used in the US requiring 5w20. you almost never see a 5w20 spec anywhere else except in the US.
  15. I swear a thread like this turns up every 3 months or so.
  16. Only if there is enough metal shavings and dirt to clog the filter. The synthetic oil of Amsoil actually has less metal to metal friction in their tests than Mobil 1. Thus, that means less metal shavings are being deposited into the oil. As for dirt getting in, that is what a good air filter and good fuel filter are for. :D
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  18. Hi Kam...long time!
  19. Just because you do not change your oil for a year will not void your warranty as some are aware of the magnuson moss act the oil must fail causing the damage.

    Please review the laws governing this.
    I do not know of a single failure of Amsoil or for that matter M1 that has caused a rejection of warranty work just because an extended drain interval was followed.
    Now don't get me wrong there may have been failures and I welcome documented cases that I can review to allow me to change my position if needed.

    I also have been a mechanic for 20+ years, aircraft and cars trucks bikes etc.
    I have never had a synthetic oil related failure, infact I am positive that running synthetic oil has saved my motor when I had a cooling system failure and over heated my motor. I have however had problems with dino oil turning to sludge and screwing things up, I have had to scrape an inch of sludge from customers heads after they have used cheap quick lube oil changes for the previous 10 years and completly wore their motors out due to the abrasive nature of the junk left behind from oxidized oil.

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    The Magnuson Moss act is great as long as you have more money and more time than the auto manufacturer when it comes to lawyers, legal proceedings, and litigation's. Otherwise it's not worth the paper it's written on. I mean really, you hear people throwing out this Magnuson Moss act as if it's some sort of kryptonite against the superman auto makers. Please find me some examples where an average Joe Blow used this act in a court of law and won. :rolleyes: