T-45 T/O Bearing issue

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by LaffnJack, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Hello to all.

    I have been a long time lurker, but decided to register in the hopes that someone would be able to help me with my current problem. The problem is that I have gone through 4 t/o bearings in the last 20k miles. I am looking for possible reasons for this impressive failure rate. I do not ride the clutch pedal, so that is out. But other than that, all suggestions are welcome.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. sorry i cant tell you why or help you, other than i have had thos problems as well, i got a t45 with centerforce DF. :shrug:
  3. Thank you COBRA90GT. I will give that a try. Hopefully there is an answer somewhere.

  4. please post what ever you find. mine has less than 5000 miles on it and it squeels. i don't want to go through a bunch of them. they aren't fun to change.
  5. I will keep everyone posted. It seems like a more common problem than I orginially thought. The search goes on.

  6. Having same problem here also with 96 cobra t/o bearing 8000 miles and it's squeeking. Nobody seems to be able to pinpoint the problem. I'm lost here myself, and hate changing them,specially with longtube headers. Oh well hope we get an answer someday :shrug:
  7. I had some TOB issues with mine and found my problem which has cure it since. You can check out my tranny page about 3/4 way down for the TOB. My opinion is Ford has a bad design on these cars with the tranny used.

  8. hey, great post and article, but is this such a concern that it is doing damage, because I had a performance shop look at mine and they just said no need to go replacing the clutch again, all those parts that you mentioned. but do you think that could do damage to a transmission or something, because i just dont want to go wasting money on another clutch and throwout bearing yada yada yada, id rather get some 410 gears :D what do you think? your final thoughts ? lol
  9. Mine clatters like crazy at idle with the accessories on. I figure I'll live with it until I finally smoke the clutch.
  10. Put in a new clutch and TOB at 40K miles or so and it started making noise after about 500 miles on and off. Put on a Firewall adjuster and it seemed to help for awhile, but it is acting up again now at about 50 k miles. Drives me insane.
  11. Great breakdown with pictures ...... :nice: Appreciate it. :hail2:
  12. Eventutally you can trash the input shaft on the tranny and thus, ruin the tranny.
  13. My t/o bearing from www.ddperformance.com lasted about 35,000 miles or so until it started to squeal and my clutch is also going out now. I believe that its a Valeo t/o bearing.
  14. Hello to all,

    This is an update and a special thanks to TXSnakeCharmer. My t/o bearing problem has not been a squealing issue, but a popping one. My first t/o went out with that standard squeal at 30k. The next started popping 5k later. New t/o bearing and the popping went away. However, it liked to come back at 3k to 5k intervals. Needless to say, it began to get a little annoying. This last time it started, I started this thread. That is the history.

    By luck I stumbled over TXSnakeCharmer's site. I was looking at his Velocity Tube set-up and saw his link for his T-45 fix. He discribed my problem exactly and his fix for it. I figured that just changing out the t/o bearing was not solving the problem so why not try someting different. I already have the transmission out, (at least the shop did) what is another $40 in parts. So I replace the clutch release arm, pivot bolt, and t/o bearing. Added a little hi-temp grease and prayed that this would solve my problem. I did notice that the old release arm and pivot bolt were pretty worn. That has helped my faith that this might fix my problem. So far, so good. Put a thousand miles on her since the change. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Anyway, thank you TxSnakeCharmer. That site of yours is truely appreciated. :nice:


    P.S. Sorry for the long post