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Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by f8tlfiveo, Nov 25, 2013.

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  1. I have a t-5 conversion that I was going to use to swap my auto over.. Thinking I am going to keep it auto. I have everything needed to do the swap. Is there any interest out there?
  2. Yup. What year car is it from? What was it going into? Is it a cable clutch?
  3. All the parts are from my 88 lx 5.0. It got totaled so I parted out the car and kept all of the stuff related to the 5 speed swap. Trans shifted great, no grinding. Spec stage 2 pressure plate, center force disc. I think the shifter is a b&m ripper. Yes it is cable operated. The clutch quadrant is from a maximum motor sports clutch cable kit. I was going to put it in my 91 vert but decided to stay auto.
  4. Well, I guess the question is how much? I'm looking to put it into a 68 coupe but can only use the tranny, housing, clutch etc. and need many other components for the swap that are not part of the 91.
  5. u8yzepe7.jpg peze3ehe.jpg ramybe6e.jpg 6u8azyny.jpg etyhu9e5.jpg upy8utyh.jpg mavysapa.jpg 3ate3uby.jpg
    Here are pics of what I have
  6. will you split up any parts
  7. What are you asking for the entire set up?
  8. All I have left is the trans 450$, clutch 50$, crossmember 25$, flywheel 30$ Aluminum dust cover 20$
  9. Do you still have the trans if so call me at 302 981-0727 I'm not far and can pick it up thanks
  10. No I do not
  11. Clutch still available?
  12. No it is not, trans and clutch is gone

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