t-5 questions

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mathius, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. I'm going to be doing a 302 swap from an 89 donor, but I want a t-5 manual transmission. I don't know much about these and I keep finding different terms that I need clarified. What is a t-5 world class, or a "tremec"?

    Can someone tell me about the different t-5 manual tranny's like what will fit my '89 donor, and which is going to give me more power, more options, gearing, etc.?

  2. There is a regular t-5 and a z spec t-5. The Z has increased tourque rating. Check out
    It has all the t-5 part # and there ratings
  3. A tranny won't give you more power, it might transfer the power with less loss in drivetrain, or hold up to more horse or torque. a tremec 3550 and so on are rated at higher torque than the t5 world class tranny. I would say go for the tremec if you have the money. as for a regular t5, one out of a 93 (might of started before this year I can't remember right off hand) has a higher torque rating than the older world class t5's and the non world class t5's. hope thathelps plus the page mike listed will probably help ya out. I didn't look at the page, but oh well.
  4. t-5 - fords standard 5 speed
    t-5 (world class) - fords upgrade version of their 5 speed
    t-5z - ford motorsports heavy duty
    tremec - tremecs 5 speed, same everything just stronger, non-ford.

    personally the tremec is to $$ and you need special bellhousing and stuff to install it, more $$$

    buy a T-5z new for $1050 and it will take plenty of abuse.