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  1. As some of you might already know, I am going to be rebuilding my diff here, and I am thinking of installing a T-5 now as well. The T-5 I found would need a rebuild, as it will not get out of 4th gear. Where can I buy a rebuild kit for it? It would be nice to upgrade the internales to handle the abuse that this tranny will see. :D Also, I was wondering if I could place a higher OD gear in. I would like to have it high enough so when I use the 5th, it cancles out the effect of having 4.11's in the rear. The first 4 gears would be stock raitos, so I will get the full effect of the 4.11's that I hear about, but when I go to 5th, it will act like the 4.11's are not there. In otherwords, when I put it in 5th it acts like a normal 5th ratio going to 3.25's or 3.55's.

  2. Are you planing on rebuilding it yourself, or having a shop do it? If you are thinking about doing it yourself, I would recomend buying the rebuild video from east wood I have it and its pretty good, I would also get a t-5 shop manual mine has come in handy a few times. I have "almost" rebuilt 3 t-5's but every one it turned out somthing was faitaly wrong with them. 1st one - didnt know to much about them and i got a NWC t-5 that was missing parts so i just sold it as a parts trans and got my money back, 2nd one - was clamed to be a tremec with a 2.95 ratio, but it wasn't it was just the standared 3.35 ratio, 3rd one was a tremec 2.95 and I was told it only needed imput shaft and counter cluster, turned out it also needed every gear and a new case, but i got my money back from all of those thankfully. The t-5 is a pretty simple trans and I'm sure any one could rebuild it if they followed the rebuild video and took their time. You can get rebuild kits from almost any place including summit racing, i got mine from e-bay and still have it. If you want it I would sell it to you because I'm moving away from t-5's, they are way too weak for a turbo charged 351w. As for changing your 5th gear I also have a tremec 5th gear which is .63 instead of .68, im pretty sure you could swap it. I would talk to modern www.moderndriveline.com. If you are having a shop rebuild it i can recomend a few places.

    oh by the way you need a hydrolic press, and a large parts washer is really useful if you are going to do it yourself.
  3. I'll PM you about the rebuild kit and see if we can work something out. Right now, I am trying to get everything priced. A co-worker/good friend of mine is going to show and help me rebuild my diff and tranny. He's got MAJOR hook ups when it comes to car service stuff, so any special tools or machines that would be involved will not be a problem.

  4. http://www.hanlonmotorsports.com/

    Simply the best t-5 stuff you can get.

    My old tranny was assembled with these parts (now it's Steve's car) I posted pictures of his car here.

    Anyways yeah that stuff can take a beating. Several 5K clutch drops his and mine and it's still going with around 12 k miles on it.
  5. A couple more questions came up. When installing a T-5, I need to replace the slip yoke on my driveshaft with a 28 spline one. Mustangs Plus sells them for around $80, but I am wondering if I took the slip yoke off some other car, like a 5.0 and swap it with the one on my driveshaft? Will I be able to use the dust cover from my 3 speed with the T-5? What about the clutch?

  6. I didn't need to replace the slip yoke but I still used one out of an 89' stang same one mustang plus sells $25 at a local parts store $5 at pick in pull AOD ones are the same FYI.

    Do a search on T-5 swap for early classics all the information your looking for is there.

    FordMuscle mag has it there.
  7. Another question, what would be a good clutch kit to get (pressure plate, disk, ect) to get? I want a something more then stock, but nothing terriably $$$$$.

  8. I would get all your rebuild parts from Ford Racing. You can even buy the kit to make your t5 into a t5z (330 ft lbs torq). I was lucky enough to buy a t5z off of ebay. The guy didnt even know it was a t5z. I ran the codes and everything is in there for the z rating. Anyway. I would stay with the stock over drive gear. The Z trans comes with a .63 the mustang WC T5 comes with a .68. I used to have 4.62 gears with mine and it was perfect, 2500 rpm at 70 mph (no joke) Now i have 4.11 gears and i wish my ratio was lower because my engine has no power at 2200 rpm (doesn't make power till 3000 rpm). I think like a .72 or something would be good for me. Sorry if i am rambaling. If your engine is prety close to being stock your over drive will work just fine with 4.11.
    About the rebuild. Its pretty simple I redid mine and had no problems. I love the trans. Its awsome.
  9. forgot to mention I think that tranny is f.... if it can't get out of gear more than likely a gear is broken and it's not going to be cheap to fix better move on to a different tranny

    If your seriously thinking of changing the gears I would recomend just getting an already built one in the end it would be about the same price or cheaper but less time consuming.

  10. The tranny my buddy had is a T-45, and he told me it would easier to install a T-5. Not sure if this is true, but he told me he has found about 5 for sale that are in working condition under $75. If I found a complete 3 member for under $400 with 4.11's and posi/detroit then I would go for it, but I don't want to wait too long on getting my car running again. My buddy rebuilt the diff. on his 00 GT. It did go out once, but that was because he tighten the bolts for the ring gear too much (used the German torque setting "goodengough" :D ). He has all the tools to messure backlash and such, so as long as we keep everything in spec it should be fine, right? After we were done rebuilding it, we planed on taking it to a buddy of his that owns a diff shop to check it all out. I know that rebuilding a diff is something better left to the pros, but this is something that I have wanted to learn for quite sometime, so this would be the best way....I guess. :shrug:

  11. t-45 does not fit a windsor engine. $75 bucks for working t-5's not a bad deal I haven't any in that price range. Probably just the bare bone tranny. Still need a shifter, bell housing, clutch fork, etc.

    I would advice learning from a pro if you want to truely learn.
  12. BTW I need a working t-5 I don't care if its down to the bare minimum as long as it works.

    you get it for 75 I'll give you 100 make 25 just for finding not bad imo and you said your bud already found 5. Just pick me a winner.

    I need it for an 88 vert that I'm thinking of buying but the t-5 didn't hold up too well to a paxton novi 2000.

    If I can get it before this weekend that would be great and would mean less work than installing my extra aod into it.

    Let me know Sal
  13. If you have a C-4 now, the Yoke will fit the T-5. Also, there is a standard .80 overdrive gear available giving your 4.11 a OD ratio of 3.28.

    Check out the Transmission Chart from Ford Muscle to identify trannies. The $75 tranny may not work for you. Be sure to check the tranny code. Take your time and you can find a good deal.

    Check out the Stangnet and Corral parts forum for killer deals on used drivetrain parts. I picked up a Motorsport M-7003-Z tranny, Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft, Ram 9000 clutch and pressure plate, and B&M shifter for $1100.
  14. Thats what i did. I got a c4 yoke for 10 bucks at a local trans shop. I have the 249 trans.
  15. When you are looking at the tranny numbers make sure you only look at the metal tag numbers, all numbers cast into the trans wont tell you a thing, a lot of sellers don't know this and put only the cast numbers in listings, or the tag has been removed and you stuck guessing "whats it got?"
  16. You are absolutely correct. I found several T-5s at swap meets that the sellers said were out of Mustangs, when if fact they were from Thunderbirds or 2.3 Mustangs. The input shaft length is too long and have low torque ratings. You have to check the tags!

    I added a .txt file. It is a .HTML file generated from Excel. Save it to your desktop and change the extension to .htm or .html and load in your browser or Excel. I carried this this chart with me to swap meets when making decisions on my purchase.

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  18. I got lucky though. It came with the z tag and all the up-grade parts.
  19. Sal,
    I'll let you know what he's found as soon as he calls me. I'll check the tags off all of them and let you know on each one. I'm not sure if any of these work, conciding the price and that I told him I want to rebuild it, but hopefully at least one will work.

  20. OT question here, but does anyone know were I can get a Hurst style shifter with a white shifter knob for a T-5? I saw one on a 01 GT like 5 months ago, and would really like to put that in my car.