T-5 Speedo Cable Question.

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  1. I'm using a 1988 Mustang GT T-5 trans in my hot rod with Dolphin gauges. The speedo has the 5/8" X 18 fitting on the back for the regular old cable. The hot rod is a 1946 Ford pickup truck with a 351W. Does anybody know what speedo cable will work in the T-5 & have the screw on 5/8" X 18 end for the speedo or at least what trans end I can use since the speedo is mechanical instead of electrical? Most companies just do the auto trans so they do not have the answer for the manual trans.

  2. Is your speedometer electric or mechanical?
  3. As stated in my post it is mechanical. I did however find a company in Milwaukee that will custom make me one that will fit perfectly & even have the proper driven gear matched with my tire size, rear end gear ratio drive & speedo drive gear so I shouldn't have to mess with it once I've got my hot rod on the road. I know this forum is for Mustangs but I figured somebody has run into the problem I had & could help out. If it's worth anything I did have a 1964 1/2 Mustang 2+2 in the 70s before I moved to Utah.
  4. If it's a T5 from an 88 then it's already mechanical. Get a cable for a 95 and an adapter if required (several outfits sell them) and press on with pride. There are also ratio adapters available. Measure your tires in order to know which one you need. The adapters can be purchased to include both of those modifications. :shrug:

    You're adapting a T5 with a mechanical output to a speedo with a mechanical input (the reason why I asked the question above). I don't see the problem here. If there's a pulse generator on the T5 you're using then it was added later or NOT from an 88.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The biggest problem was that the cables I was finding for the 88 GT all had a clip on end for the speedo & mine has 5/8" X 18 threads & I didn't know which ends would work in the trans. Since I found a company in Milwaukee to make me a cable that will fit the problem should be resolved.
  6. That cable you're having made runs in the $300+ range. Correct?
  7. Actually they said the cable would be about $45.00 plus the 2 ends so unless there is a big surprise I'm figuring around $75.00 to $100.00 range but as soon as I have the hot rod done to that point I will post the price & info in case others need that service. Even Lokar was about $75.00 without the end that goes into the trans.
  8. Can't beat that with a stick.
  9. Especially if it works. I still have a lot of fab work to do on the body & interior & need to build the rear end & run the fuel & brake lines. I've had to sell some tools I bought to build the car after I was done with them to be able to afford more parts as my budget is real low. I still have a portable power generator to sell for around $900.00 & if I can sell it I will be able to get most of what I need to almost finish it.
  10. If you get the chance, post up a progress thread with pics in the 5.o Talk section. There's a few guys in there that are no-chit fabricators who at minimum, would be interested in seeing your build.
  11. I will have to do that altho I have 2 large 3 ring binders full of photos so I'll weed it down to a few.
  12. OK for anybody that's interested I just ordered my new speedo cable complete with ends & driven gear all set up to work accurately with my trans, rearend & tires for $68.00 plus shipping from Milwaukee WI to Evansville, WI. The company is: Speedometer Service Co., 5801 West Villard Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53218, 1-414-463-6660, [email protected]dometersolutions.com. If you have an other than stock factory situation give Roger a call & he will fix you up.

  13. Nice! :nice:

    Thanks for coming back with the info. :)