T-5 upgrade gearsets w/ min. 400 lb-ft capacity

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by rockin_rick, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. I looking to rebuild my T-5 in my 100% street driven 94GT. I want to find a helical cut gearset that can handle 400+ lb-ft, and not be too expensive. I'm not really wanting a TKO or 3550 setup, as I've heard that the shifting can be notchy, they weigh more, have more rotational mass, and require a new bell, clutch fork, shifter, DS spacer, etc.

    I've heard of the G-force set, and I'm sure that it is strong enough, but it is also $$$$. Are there other options out there that cost less, with correspondingly less torque ratings? I've heard of Liberty's Gears ( www.libertysgears.com ), how much torque can they handle? Any ideas??

  2. Tremec TKO, sorry man, but theres a reason why it's notchy, and weighs more... because it can take some serious abuse,

    I make well over 400 FT/LBS and I do it through a T5... im on # 3 since may BTW...
  3. D&D makes a new gearset for the T-5...not sure about power handling...may want to give them a call
  4. Thanks for the replys. Does anyone know of any others? Or the capacity of Liberty's Gears?

  5. G-force though the rebuild is gonna cost you 1000 bucks.

    D&D sells these "special alloy gearsets". Call them up and ask about how much Tq. they can handle.

    Not sure about Liberty gears.

    Also if are you doing this yourself? If not I would take the tranny off the car before you bring it to the shop. It will save you alot more money.
  6. Yeah, definately off the car. I'm debating between doing it myself, and having a guy I know do it. He would probably only charge me $100 or less, with it off the car. Hell, he did my whole rearend, new axles, gears, bearings, t-lok clutches, for $145 labor. He even had to drill out the crosspin bolt after it snapped off.