T-5 wc trans swap (really dumb/stupid question?)

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  1. I have a 2001 stock v-6 coupe with T-5 wc transmission. Recently added a Ford racing Hurst shifter and Steeda clutch cable adjuster set up to replace stock one and changed fluid (used right stuff). When I got car transmission felt sticky and hard going into gears mainly 1st and reverse. Now the transmission jumps out of 3rd gear or grinds or sticks between gears, especially going to reverse. I tried adjusting the new Hurst shifter twice with out results. I am assuming the trans syncros are shot.

    My first question is; Do the Ford racing T-5's sold on market work with my 2001 as the tranmissions only list use up to 1999's?

    My second question, is it cheaper to just get T-5 rebuilt and install with new Ford racing or Zoom clutch set. I'd prefer not to get new flywheel just resurface old one. I want to just pull tranny put it in shop and then install new clutch set and transmission myself. Or is it better to let shop do work and how much would that cost? I have put Steeda rear control arms upper and lower with new Ford Racing upper control arm bushings . I rebuilt the rear end with 370 Richmond gear set, added the ford racing LOK unit and Summit rear axles. Rear end is now a posi that feels tight and strong. I also have Ford racing lowered springs and run 18 X10 inch Cobra wheels. I don't do burn-outs, prefer to do hole shot launch.

    Appreciate any answers to my above questions.
  2. No, the fore racing t-5s are more for fox mustangs 87-93. The newer transmissions use a longer input shaft. In other words there are some minor mechanical differences preventing you from bolting one in.

    It will always be cheaper to do as much work as you can. Even dropping the transmission off for service, without knowing what's wrong, you could be looking at a $500-900 bill for the work on the trans alone.

    The t-5 is relatively easy to rebuild of you think you can handle it.
  3. "Mustang5L5" Hey thanks for the info. I kind of gathered that Ford Racing trans wouldn't just bolt in after reading other blogs. I am somewhat skittish working on newer model vehicles. But seem to get into the project once I do tear down. I am going to proceed to replace clutch and rebuild trans myself as soon as my outdoor garage dries up enough. LOL Did do clutch on 65 fast back stang in Nebraska where I shoveled 3 ft of snow around car. I also know that newer Ford clutches can be a pain in the posterior to bleed them. But will use closed loop system for flushing brakes on my Harley to bleedout air on clutch cylinder(s). I figure about $600 should get me a good clutch kit and T-5 complete rebuild kit. I don't have a press set up and have to take that to a shop if needed. I am old School biker and use my kitchen table for important mechanic work. Hope table is big enough for laying-out trans for rebuild? I see guaranteed good transmissions from salvage yards for $575 or ones a little more that have been inspected, cleaned with certain wear prone components replaced.
  4. For the basic rebuild, you don't really need a press. As long as you don't have bad bearings on the countergear and input shaft, nothing really to press off. You'll need good snap ring pliers and a 3-jaw puller. The basic rebuild kit just replaces the friction surfaces on the main shaft.

    You need to inspect the gears however for damage. As time goes on, you'll damage them more and more. So it's best to get in there as soon as you can. The points of the engagement teeth will begin to round over and then you'll need to replace gears which are not part of the rebuild.

    There is a good PDF to read first before deciding of this is what you want to do.

    I rebuilt my first t-5 when I was 18 In my college dorm. Not hard really.

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