1. Greetings, I recently purchased a 1965 coupe with a 4 speed manual transmission. While driving the car it seems as though it want's another gear while in 4th. Is it better to change the tranny to a WC T-5 or find out the gear ratio in the rear end and swap out the rear end? If changing the transmission is the best option what should I expect to pay for a used T-5? Are there any particular t-5's that I should be looking for. I have no idea what the final drive ratio is in either the tranny or the rear end. I'm not believing the door tag as many of the parts on thecar not original. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I'm liable to be spending a lot of time here as I have not worked on a car of any kind for quite some time. Cheers.
  2. Although T5 swaps are becoming more popular thses days, it is not just a bolt in swap for the original 3 or 4 speed transmission, as you will need a shopping list of parts. Of all the T5 transmissions, the World Class is the best and the Ford Racing version of that is even betteris even better. If you don't have a tachometer, get an accurate one and hook it up to display engine RPM. Then with the car on the highway holding a steady 60 MPH, record the engine RPMSs in high (1:1) gear. this number along with your tire size can provide you what your current rear axle ratio is.