1. I have been reading up on the T-45 to T-56 swap, trying to figure out if it is worth the money. Every thread I have read on every Forum talks about how hard it is to find a T-56 out of a cobra. That being said I began the search for a price and in doing so I stumbled on this. I know we are not supposed to put Ebay Items but this seemed like a great price considering what all is included. I'm not ready quite yet to fund this project so i figured i would pass this along to anybody else that is looking to do this swap. Its 2199.00 for the Trans from an 03 cobra, drive shaft, bell housing, cross member, all nuts and bolts and the trans still has it wiring harness. Oh and the shifter....


    Again I have seen in the past, people getting fussed at for posting Ebay links so sorry if this offends anybody, but this seemed like a great deal and maybe it will help somebody out.
  2. Stock t-56 sucks get a built one or go auto. Why do you want one so bad?
  3. Stock T56's do suck. I've had them before and have one now. Going back with a TR 6060. Not sure if they make a conversion for the mustang, but there is no comparison, and stock, it is a hell of a lot stronger than a stock T56.
  4. I wouldn't do it with the factory 03 cobra gear set.

    I'm not sure a a hydraulic clutch conversion is worth the hassle. And if D&D doesn't list a conversion I doubt anyone does.
  5. Hydraulic clutches are for girls.
  6. Eh, I thought about doing a T-56 swap. I've seen a couple complete sets (minus the driveshaft) go for around $1500 on local forums. I mean, folks talk junk about it, and there are plenty of other better trannys out there, but it's still a nice improvement. And I doubt any other 'better' transmission will be cheaper.

    I actually like the gearset in the Cobra T-56. 1st gear is longer, which actually allows you to use it on the street, while the other gears are closer together, which makes it more fun to drive.

    But alas, I probably won't do it. It's a lot of hassle for me (going from auto to manual), plus I can build my auto and put a converter in it for <$1500, and it will be a lot faster at the drag strip (and bulletproof to 600 rwhp).
  7. Is a T56 Worth it? It's relative bro. For me it is/was. I've owned my car since new and I know I will own it for the rest of my life. I'm not worried about a return on my investment from a financial standpoint, it's irrelevant. I simply wanted the heaviest duty transmission I could find, and had the money to spend. If you plan on keeping your car and you have the money then do it. I have a viper spec T56. I converted from an auto. I wanted a fun street car. I didn't want to race on a drag strip, I don't give a damn about a tenth of a second.


    If you don't have the money for a new unit or one you at least know the person and can verify the condition do not buy it. I embarrasingly learned this the hard way. It was a friend of a friend, out of a cobra, heavy duty spline this, clutch that...low miles, on and on. Damn thing was dead within a 100 miles and ended up costing me north of 2k. It's a really long story and after this happened found out exactly how common this occurence is. Please do yourself a favor and don't do what I did. NEVER again will I trust someone that I don't know to evaluate the condition of a critical high dollar used part.

    Good Luck :)
  8. Some say so are red convertible mustangs.
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