T handle shifter knob, anybody use one? I just fabbed one!

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  1. I was goofing around in my dad's old truck the other day grabbing some gauges when I noticed an old Hurst T style shift knob on the floor. A friend who was helping me said I should polish it up, but I kinda disreguarded it because I wanted a leather 03 cobra knob. Yesterday I realized that with a small knob I can only get two fingers behind a shift rather than my whole hand. So I went outside and grabbed that shifter. I brought it downstairs, sanded it a bit, and bang, it was shiny as anything. The only problem was that it didn't fit the threads on my shifter, it was to big. Solution: I dremeled out the old threads, and used a healthy amount of JB Weld to secure a hex nut of the appropriate size into the hole. The nut was already snug in there, but the JB will keep it solid. I then took a small washer and fastened it to the bottom of the nut, just to hide the hole and the epoxy, and it came out looking great. I put it in the car this morning, and I love it. I can shift harder, get more of my hand behind the stick, and it is comfortable, not to mention it looks good with my billet shifter bezel. I will post pics later. Tell me your thoughts...
  2. here's some pics:
  3. DAMN that does look really good. Just clean your lense and post some good pics and im sure it'll look even better.
  4. Heh, my locks froze ( I washed the car today, damned road salt...), so I got in through the hatch and was in the back seat taking those pics. BTW- my camera sucks... Thanks though. I like it more and more every time I look at it. And it works very well.
  5. I'm sorry, I don't see where you fabricated anything. I opened this post hoping to see a made from scratch T-handle like the post title states, not by using JB weld and a jam nut on an already made Hurst T-handle. Just telling you my thoughts like you asked.
  6. damn how old is that cam lol.....is that bezel made for the 87-93? cause i thought the upr thing was the whole square flat piece that goes around...that looks like the bullitt one. or the one that fits the newer stangs...anyway...looks ok.. the gray knob matches the interior pretty well.
  7. The bezel can be bought on Ebay, mine cost me 45.00. It is made for the 87-93 with t-5, but they make them for all different models. I did do some fabrication, because the original threads were 3/4", and I had to reduce them to 12mm. By dremeling, epoxying, and finishing, I did fabricate a shifter capable of fitting in my car. I had to start with something, which was an old, tarnished, roughed up t handle.
    On a side note, anyone know how to make that thing really shine? I used finishing sanders on it, then rubbing compound. I am gonna put polish on it tomorrow, but it still looks dull. I want it to look like the bezel. Thanks.
  8. i thought it was cool

    astro, I thought that it was cool. Sounds like a pretty good fab job to me. So what did you have in it all together. I like to see people use what they got. Looks good I was wondering which shifter I was going to get but I think that I am going back to the T handle. Keep up the good work.

  9. T handles are nice because you get more force behind the shift. All it took was a dremel, some sandpaper (to polish it), some 2 part steel epoxy, a 12mm hex nut, and I added a washer flush with the hole to hide the nut/epoxy, and make it look flush. Hopefully tomorrow I can take some better pics, including the bottom. Good luck with your shifter.
  10. I tried one of those on my shifter, but I just didn't like the feel. I ended up fabricating this one instead out of a chunk of aluminum.

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  11. thats a pretty nice shifter trojan. Is it a pistol grip or is the pic flipped? I never really like the pistol grip but I had a t handle before. I am pretty sure that I am going back to it. The only thing astro is that you ever have to drop that tranny it might be a pain. But looks cool none the less.
  12. my buddy had a 5 speed grand prix with a handle like that..i drove it a few times and didnt really like it..i dont think it matters weather its a ball or t handle when it comes to force behind your shifts..id rather have a ball....dosnt really matter cause a T5 tranny cant take much "force" from shifts anyway
  13. cool. I think i'd like a pistol grip more...anyone got any pics of pistol grips? Not to hi-jack, just asking. If you have one, what did it cost?
  14. Thanks. It is a pistol grip style shifter handle. They just feel more "natural and easier to hand" to me. :shrug:
  15. well i guess it sorta is pistol grip, but they're called T Handles. Besides, how often do you hold your pistol sideways? lol. If you like it, which it seems you do, that's cool. The actual pistol grips are around 61 bucks for a hurst from that link. That's what I heard before, but I think it would be a lot better than a ball or T handle and the stock, although stock isn't terrible for me since I hold it like a pistol...i guess some hold it from the top like a ball...can't see why else it would be so uncomfortable for them.
  16. I use the Hurst T handle with the button but I drilled and tapped it on the end so it's like a pistol grip. The button is on top and is easy to operate with your thumb. I have it hooked up to the 2-step although I don't use it much because of problems with the 2-step box. The handle feels awesome though.
  17. I didnt like my Hurst T-Handle. My hand was in a weird postion. But I like Hurst cue ball shifter alot. I might switch back when I install my line lock.
  18. Hey astro i did something similar but i dont have a pic, but i used an old hurst shifter too. Mine was actually too small of a hole so i just tapped it out with a drill.
  19. Nice work on your customs guys. As far as the shifter being uncomfortable, at first it was, so I turned it a little more clockwise, as opposed to straight on, and now it fits like a glove. Also, I don't have a stock shifter arm, mine is a lot shorter. I usually shift from the top, so a pistol grip wouldn't be for me, but they look cool. And as far as dropping the tranny, the new handle screws on just like the old one, I put in new threads that fit the shifter (see first post).