T-lok installation ?

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  1. can someone link me a set of instructions to installing one, if not what would be a rough cost to get one installed, including parts and labor.
  2. Hi Volcom8190

    Had mine installed by my dealer. I had a bunch of other stuff done too, but it was around $350 (because I installed mine at 39,000 miles and they couldn't get the axle shafts apart). Took them 5 hrs.

    You also need new bearings and the friction modifier.

    Most guys also install 3.73 gears at the same time (no extra cost to install).

    I kept the 3.31s since I do 90% highway driving.

    Great mod once its done.

    And if Ford does it, it's covered under your factory warranty (Ford Racing T-Loc).


  3. I had mine installed here in SoCal for $200.00 at a rear end specialty house ...
  4. sounds pretty reasonable, i guess ill be upgrading my gears at the same time then.
  5. is the t-lok addition equally useful in an automatic?
    are the 3.73 gears the next logical step up? doesn't the GT use 4.10?
  6. yes

    IMO, it depends on what style of driving you're doing.

    Personally, I'd never get a set of gears taller than 3.73.

    But most of my driving is on freeways.

  7. The GT doesn't use 4.10s stock...

    If they did Ford would never sell one because of rising gas costs. You never mentioned what kind of motor your running, the 6 or 8. Your choices are limited either way. The 8.8" rear on the GT can house anywhere from a 3.55 to as high as 4.56, but the only kits I've seen for us 6 owners are the 3.73 and the 4.10 set.

    Its just mainly something to sit back and debate over. If this car is going to be a daily driver I wouldn't put anything higher than a 3.73 ratio in. Your car won't last very long pushing those high RPMs at cruising speeds with the 4+ gears in them.
  8. I'm pretty sure I want to pull the trigger and do the t-lok and the 3.73 gears.
    I get a lot of info , and have crunched some numbers related to changes in mileage , and RPM at highway speeds. I think I can live with that . The thing I can't crunch is the feel of the ride... will the car (V6) still be a pleasure to drive when I have highway driving to do? I don't want a race car , I just want a performance 6. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Would money spent on a dual exhaust system be better spent?
  9. my $.02 worth

    The T-lok is hands down the best mod that I've added. Its pleasure personified.

    The confidence that you gain on wet pavement, coupled with the two rear wheel acceleration (vs just one) make it a win-win.

    on the other hand, a dual exhaust set up on a stock 4.0L V6 is over rated.
  10. just so I'm clear, you got the T-lok and changed the gearing to 3.73?
  11. no, I stayed w/stock 3.31 gears / mainly because all of the hi way driving that I do.

  12. +1 on the wet traction!
    Best mod for safety.

    -1 on your assessment of the duals.
    Best mod for enjoyment. Pypes True Duals w/ "X" pipe and Street Pros.
    Also am getting 2MPG BETTER mileage since the duals went on.

    Cruisin, I can get 32-34 MPG between 65-70 (not that I drive 65 often).


    Click on my link to check out my exhaust vids.


    No negative comments yet, not even from the local police.


  13. enjoyment is subjective / so I'll have to differ to your Enjoyment Meter
  14. :)

    Ya, some people would say they are too loud (haven't met them yet).

    Still a set of GT takeoffs would let the V6 breathe a lot better.

    Forgot to mention as soon as I switched over to duals, the problem that I was having my Ford dealer investigate, "hesitation after long cruise" I believe the TSB states, was solved.

    I had the fuel pump replaced by the dealer under the Ford TSB, but still had the bogging after pulling off the highway.

    Never once happened after the duals went on.

    Must be something with exhaust restriction and the computer controlled engine.

    So a WIN-WIN-WIN senario on the Duals, Enjoyment-Mileage-TSB Fix!

  15. called the nearest ford dealer and got an estimate of 1,300$!!!! ( including 350$ for the t-lok , 300$ for the gears).... there are additional parts , and they estimated 7 hours of labor.Am I misunderstanding something? Is this just the price you pay to preserve your warranty? I live in the middle of nowhere and it is 60 miles to the nearest ford dealer so it's a little hard to shop a variety of garages
  16. Sounds like this dealer has never done axle work.

    Should take no more than 5 hours (they couldn't get my axle shafts unstuck as I had 38,000 miles on it when I did the T-LOK upgrade).

    More likely 3 for newer axles.

    Like I said in the PM yesterday, new bearings, friction modifier & gear oil should be the only extras.

    If going to 4.10 or 4.56 you need that "modified X shaft" you see out there.

  17. The 7.5" axle can accept:

    3.31 (stock 05-07)

    The 4.11 & 4.56 gears need that "notched X pin" that everyone sees in the online catalogs.

  18. All the parts the garage quoted for me were noticably cheaper to purchase on line -even from ford directly. In my business I make money not only from labor , but from products used. I'm sure garages do this too.... How do garages react when you bring in the parts and ask them to install them? I don't want to get screwed, but if you come in with the parts in hand won't they get their money from you some other way?
  19. usually, they will not honor any warranty if you supply the parts. if you buy the parts from them, they will always honor their warranty. sometimes it is worth it to spend a little more up front, knowing it will payoff in the long run. or you can try to negotitate the parts cost with them.

    good luck!
  20. what about switching to 3.73 gears without the tlock?
    do you think I'd want it after the fact?
    Should I just suck it up and pay? I'd hate to void that warranty I paid for.
    I was always told anything will go faster if you're willing to spend enough money.