T-lok v. Cams

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by usaf2008, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. What mod would be better for the money, a cam from rpm-mustang or a t-lok. I'm not sure if i want gears cause ill be goin to college soon and will be doin some highway driving, so i dont want horrible gas mileage. Or maybe someone will know of some good gears that dont get horrible gas mileage.
  2. Well a t-lock will help you put down the torque to both wheels instead of one. Helping you launch and it is more helpful in the rain.

    If you worried about gas mileage why suggest getting a cam? That take more gas just like the gears...
  3. I have 3.73 gears in my 99 auto and when i had the gears installed i lost 1/2mpg highway driving and not a thing in the city. A tlok is great for the extra traction and nomore 1 wheel burnouts.

    As for the cam you have to do alot more work to put one in compared to the Tlok so its cheaper in that way. But youll gain some good power with the cam with a good tune.
  4. how much gain can be seen from cams on a natually aspirated engine? has any one seen what the power out put would be with a turbo? better/ worse??
    Im just a little couriouse.
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  5. With a tuned chip, pulleys, cai, exhaust:

    Just cam= 220rwhp
    Cam,p&p heads, intake = 260rwhp
  6. thanks man! i didn't know the v-6 could do so good!
  7. I would just go buy a Civic, becuase da civic can neva lose!
  8. Maybe with a 5 speed but not in an auto
  9. Oh yeah, i should have mentioned that... an auto will have lower numbers because of the bigger % loss through the drivetrain. It won't be a huge amount less though.
  10. Get the t-lok. Nothing will get more annoying down the road than not being able to put your power to the ground where it counts.
  11. Oh hell, get both.
  12. Get a shot of Nawwwsss!! 100 shot giddyup!