T-tops and Sunroof on the '05 Stang

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  1. Does anyone know If there are planning to put a sunroof/moonroof on the 2005+ Mustangs? What about T-tops or a Targa top in the near future?

    T-tops kick a$$, I'd love to see them back on the mustang, As a 2000 SS owner I can tell you, T-tops make the car so much more fun.
  2. Yeah, lets all get T-Tops and grow a mullet! :rlaugh:
  3. What the heck does that mean??? Don't be a Stang hater.

    You need to get out of the 80's
  4. I love the T tops on the camaro's, a friend of mine had one, they look alot better in my oppinion then verts. I'd like to see t tops on the mustang again
  5. T-Tops are only good for the cars that were being built during the Disco fad days. They look good only on certain cars. I think that T-Tops on a Mustang would look ugly. Especially if the car is a fastback. Keep the Mustang looking retro like the ones that were built in the late 60's and early 70's and screw the T-Tops. We don't need T-Tops.
  6. the mustang II's look nice with t tops but you'll all argue that mustang II's dont look nice at all :rolleyes:
  7. you cant go wrong with T-tops...I had a 97 Firebird with T-Tops...IT was great! Always got looks from all walks of life..and cruising down the highway with them off did justice....
  8. I'm sure all the people with leaking t-tops would agree. They look great. BUt function...
  9. I'd argue that they look great. Let the Camaro keep it's T-tops the Mustang looks better without them. lol talk about stay out the 80s T-tops scream 80s to me.
  10. Targa/T-tops give you the best of both worlds, Its like having a convertable but with the coupe good looks.

    80s...Disco..... what are you people talking about? Your traped in the past.

    THe Vette, Camaro, Supra, WS6, Firebird, Nissan 300Zx, and Ferrari have put these things on their cars all through the 90's and into the 21st century, and all look GREAT doing it. Even the concept '05 Mustang as the T-tops style glass roof and looks really good with it.
  11. I also am praying to the mustang gods for T-tops, I like the idea of cruising with the tops down, but the lack of a roof on a vert makes me nervous in case of a rollover, besides verts are usually much heavier and less rigid. T-tops make a nice compromise between an open top and a solid.

    P.S. FastMustangII-I like mustang II's, they have their own cool look to them.
  12. T tops are awesome. I think that's what sets the F Bods apart form other cars. For some reason though, I don't think any contemporary Stang would look good with T Tops. Just my .02.
  13. Well since the new stang will most likely have the rear 1/4 window (as showin in the picture) I think t-tops would look ugly. They only really looked good on fbodies. Same goes with the targa top.
  14. I think it would be cool if Ford brought back T-tops. FastmustangII- I love you
  15. i want a targa top, those are sweet
  16. I WOULD LOVE T TOPS :drool:

    I almost bought a roof section for my Mach- but I know how hard is to get the weatherstripping for our II's so decided against it. I had an 84 TA with them and loved it. Bring them back to the mustang- sure thing- bring them back :nice: I'd love to have 'vert, but if the choice was there, I'd take the T-tops first anyday( just take a peek at the render of the new stang done to look like a King :drool: )
  17. T-tops are great.

    But I would rather a rather a hard top. More of a fastback look.
  18. I would be happy with t-tops or at least sunroof, I'm not a convertible guy.
  19. why thank you i am the proud owner of a 74

  20. :D