T-tops and Sunroof on the '05 Stang

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  1. i LOVE MY T-TOPS... i think they look great when off... more privacy than vert too...

    i dont know, i've never been a vert guy, infact, i never even liked T-Tops till I go mine...

    but they add SOOOooo much weight to a GT... my GT weighs more than any other GT I've ever seen (foxbody)
  2. Mt t-tops don't leak a drop. I love them.
  3. yeah that would be a nice option to add on. if you dont like it dont get a car with t-tops/sunroof/targa. that easy :nice: pimp it out burt reynolds style.
  4. T-Tops = Body flex. Not a good thing in a performance car.
  5. I don't know about the fox bodies, but the II's with the T top option had extra bracing added to prevent that. Plus that's nothing a good set of subframes can't solve.
  6. In the Camaro the T-top cars have the same flex as the coupes, THe hardtops have no extra support, just filler.

    ALL Vette coupes have a Targa top and they do just fine. T-tops/Targa/sunroof would only be any option, if you don't like it you don't have to buy it, but those that do like them could.

    I guess you think that ford shouldn't make a vert them.

  8. OK, OK, how bout a bad azz targa top?
  9. I would like either Sunrof or T-Tops in that order. Convertables are cool but too impractical in the northeast especially if you don't have agarage for the winter.)

    We'll see what the car gods think in January.

  10. you say you're a gangsta but you never pop none, I say you a wangsta and you need to stop frontin, roll through the dealership but you never cop none....sorry I read your sig, couldn't resist
  11. I have t-tops on my '85. I love them

    I'd love for the new stangs to have t-tops...or at least a sunroof.

    Just because they come with t-tops doesn't mean you all need to get them. You don't want them, get yours with a normal roof then.
  12. hey!

    i have a 1985 camaro rust bucket T-TOP AND IT ROCKS!
  13. The question though is. Is Ford going to put any money into developing t-tops. Although it might be a unique option. I don't think there is enough real world demand.
  14. You might be surprised ;)
  15. rock on those are the best kind lol
  16. fords not willing to put money into developing anything good :rolleyes: OH except svt focus's....now that was a cool move! *sarcasm*
  17. Yeah after 1973 Ford stopped caring what the mustang looked like. :D
  18. 100% of Corvette coupes have a Targa top

    in 2001 66% of Camaros coupes were bought with T-Tops
  19. OMFG! Thats BAD-ASS! I love that (I don't know why, but...) WOW! Not too savy on the "brown" color but AWESOME nonetheless!!

    -Mike :hail2: