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  1. Fun at the repair shop today with my 99 Cobra- I got in a pinch this morning and had to have a shop put in a clutch assembly for me- Something I would rather do and have done myself, but long story.

    Anyway, the shop gets it all wrapped up, and some idiot goes to top off the transmission fluid- Anyway I guess he thought he had the top filler plug, but instead he removed another allen headed bolt sticking out of the side of the transmission. Problem is that it was NOT the filler plug, and was a bolt about three inches long with a slot around it at the end that looks like it is for a C-clip or something of the sort.

    The manager that I had been dealing with was already gone when I came by and expected to pick it up- I want to be informed as I can be when I start dealing with him in the morning- I'm trying to find out what that bolt goes does and what steps I need to demand that they take to ensure that the transmission is not screwed up.

    Does anyone have a parts diagram for a T45 so I can figure out what removing that bolt may have done? Or maybe know what exactly that bolt does?

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    I also posted this over in SVT, but figured may have more luck here-
  2. I beleive it attaches to the 5-R shift lever inside the transmission that controls the shift into 5th gear and reverse.

    I am not 100% on this on the t-45, but that's what it does on the t-5 which is a similar design.

    If i am correct, it will require disassembling the transmission to properly realign and attach it. DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR!!

    I would wait for someone to confirm this but i am 90% sure.
  3. There is a real good diagram you can find on drivetrain.com. Just type in T-45 on the part locator on their website and it will take you to a link you can check out.

    If that doesn't help, I have a PDF file that tells you everything about how to take the trans apart and what goes where. I can e-mail it to you if you want, I'm actually about to tear mine apart this weekend and rebuild it.

    There are a couple of torx screws you can see that are fairly long. Just to let you know, they are all pretty important so definetly don't drive your car. As far as I can tell just by looking at them, they are guides for your shift linkage. I don't know how familiar you are with the t-45's, but their shift linkage is basically a long rod that goes from the base of your shifter to the shift forks inside the trans. On that rod there is something called a shift interlock that rotates and moves a couple of things called "Z-links" that move your shift forks. Anyhoo, one of those torx screws is a guide for that shift interlock, but that is on the top of the transmission not on the side. The one on the side is for the 5th/R lever anchor.

    I haven't taken mine out yet, so I can't tell you what happens when you take it out, but odds are you're gonna have to take it apart and line all that stuff back up if it moved or fell into the trans. The only reason I say that is you have to take the trans apart to get the shift linkage out.

    I hope this helps you out, and let me know if you want that PDF for the rebuild. Just PM me with your e-mail addy. Good luck dude.
  4. A0014473.gif

    Item Part Number Description
    1 7B602 Clutch release lever stud
    2 7A771 Bolt
    3 6392 Flywheel housing (includes tube)
    4 7W425 Main shift rail bushing
    5 7K315 Dowel
    6 7L172 Countershaft front bearing shim
    7 7025 Countershaft bearing assembly
    8 7113 Countershaft cluster gear
    9 7052 Seal
    10 7L172 Shim
    11 7025 Input shaft front bearing assembly
    12 7017 Input shaft
    13 7025 Input shaft pocket bearing
    14 7107 Third/fourth synchronizer blocking ring
    15 7064 Retaining ring
    16 7109 Synchronizer blocking spring (also part of 7124)
    17 — Third/fourth synchronizer hub (part of 7124)
    18 7A044 Third/fourth synchronizer strut (also part of 7124)
    19 — Third/fourth synchronizer sleeve (part of 7124)
    20 7124 Third/fourth synchronizer assembly
    21 7B320 Bearing spacer
    22 7B369 Needle bearing
    23 7B340 Third gear
    24 7061 Output shaft
    25 7102 Second gear
    26 7Z491 Thrust washer
    27 7175 First and second gear synchronizer inner cone
    28 7174 First and second gear synchronizer outer cone
    29 7107 First/second synchronizer blocking ring
    30 7109 Synchronizer blocking spring (also part of 7124)
    31 — First/second synchronizer hub (part of 7124)
    32 7A044 First/second synchronizer strut (also part of 7124)
    33 — First/second synchronizer sleeve (part of 7124)
    34 7124 First/second synchronizer assembly
    35 7127 First gear bearing
    36 7100 First gear
    37 7065 Output shaft bearing assembly
    38 7C211 Interlock bolt
    39 7005 Case
    40 7348 Fifth/reverse lever retaining clip
    41 7K002 Fifth/reverse gear shift lever
    42 7K024 Fifth/reverse lever pivot bolt
    43 15520 Reversing lamp switch assembly
    44 7L027 Magnet
    45 7242 Fifth/reverse gear shift rail
    46 357479-S15 Split pin
    47 7L082 Gear shift fork insert
    48 7230 Fifth/reverse gear shifter fork
    49 7K316 Fifth driven gear
    50 — Reverse synchronizer hub (part of 7124)
    51 — Reverse synchronizer sleeve (part of 7124)
    52 7124 Reverse synchronizer assembly
    53 7030 Retaining ring
    54 7C240 Bearing spacer
    55 7N168 Needle bearing
    56 7C238 Reverse driven gear
    57 7738 Thrust washer
    58 7025 Output shaft rear bearing
    59 7064 Retaining ring
    60 7H150 Tone wheel (output shaft speed)
    61 7160 Retaining ring
    62 7121 Countershaft bearing
    63 7N011 Shoulder bolt
    64 7723 Reverse idler shift bracket
    65 7N037 Spring washer
    66 7141 Reverse idler gear
    67 7E139 Reverse idler gear bearing
    68 7140 Reverse idler shaft
    69 7A039 Extension housing (4.6L 2V)
    70 7144 Fifth gear
    71 7107 Fifth/Reverse Blocking ring
    72 7109 Synchronizer blocking spring (also part of 7124)
    73 — Fifth/reverse synchronizer hub (part of 7124)
    74 7A044 Fifth/reverse synchronizer strut (also part of 7124)
    75 — Fifth/reverse synchronizer sleeve (part of 7124)
    76 7124 Fifth/reverse synchronizer assembly
    77 7064 Retaining ring
    78 7142 Reverse gear
    79 7E245 Thrust washer
    80 7M133 Retaining ring
    81 — Extension housing bushing (part of 7A039)
    82 — Full fill seal (part of 7A039)
    83 7052 Seal
    84 7A010 Case plug
    85 7034 Vent
    86 — Detent plate (part of 7A039)
    87 7E172 Detent ball
    88 7234 Detent spring
    89 7F018 Gearshift offset lever
    90 7K453 Damper sleeve
    91 7210 Gearshift lever
    92 7A443 Bolt (4 req'd)
    93 7277 Gearshift lever boot
    94 7358 Main shift rail
    95 7230 First/second gear shifter fork
    96 7302 Selector assembly
    97 7N232 Gear shift plate
    98 7K201 Gear selector interlock sleeve
    99 7230 Third/fourth gear shifter fork

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  5. Thanks guys, that really helps. Now I can quiz them and see if they can figure out what they screwed up.
    They said that they were going to have to drop the trany again and get inside to reconnect whatever it was connected to, so now I can be sure that they get it connected correctly- It is definitely the 5-R pivot bolt.

  6. Double thread.
  7. There's also another diagram on hanlonmotorsports.com. Just FYI
  8. Right now...

    This just happened to me when I got lazy and took my car (97 GT) to valvoline for an oil change and trans flush... they pulled out the reverse bolt instead of the drain plug... then they tryed to put it back in bending it in the process.. they then drove the car out of the bay to see if it was ok and it wouldnt go into reverse. I happened to be in the waiting room and I herd the grinding/rattling noise so i ran out to stop them but the damage was done. its been 3 weeks since they took my car to "their" transmission shop and I havent gotten it back yet.

    My question is what exactly would get damaged if they pulled out the bolt and then drove with it?
    And is this damage something that would need a total overhaul or just the replacement of a few parts?

  9. They unbolted the5-R shift rail mechanism. What gets damaged pretty much depends on how parts fell around inside. You could get lucky and it simply requires someone who knows what they are doing to bolt it back in properly. Or stuff could be chewed to hell.

    But 3 weeks is a little rough for an unscheduled repair. I hope they are footing the bill for a rental car. If not, i would demand one otherwise i'd bring a lawyer into this situation. They damaged your vehicle and you should have the right to have it repaired at a place of your choosing
  10. ..

    Yeah thats what im dealing with today... the place they took my car to was supposed to have it back to me about 5 different times. each time there was a different excuse as to why it wasnt fixed. saturday it was "done" but when the valvoline guy went to pick it up the car wouldnt drive because the clutch wouldnt engage. The transmission guy somehow (no clue how) broke the positive terminal off my battery too. Valvoline ended up replacing the battery fortunately.
    today im having a meeting with the regional manager at valvoline... they will be taking it to the ford dealer for a total rebuild and probably a new clutch if that was in anyway damaged... lucky for my my wifes father is a lawyer.
    ive been getting along without a rental... the weather is finally getting nice here and i just want to drive my car.
  11. Well I finally got my car back after bringing in a lawyer.. My car is working fine now and I got the broken parts back.. the Fifth/reverse gear shift rail was bent to hell and the Fifth/reverse gear shifter fork was snapped in half.. just glad to get my ride back.