T5 Drag Racing

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  1. Hey guys!
    I blew up my stock c4 in my 69' coupe during my last run at the strip :(
    I was going to rebuild it with broader's stuff but i kinda wanna do a t5 conversion so i have an overdrive gear and i wont have as much power loss through a manual trans. How durable are these trans? the motor is a 331 with high 300s at the rear wheels and it has an explorer 3.73 8.8 rear end. Whats a good company to use for durable parts? And what parts are needed to be changed for this much power? this car will be 50/50 drag/strip and i might be spraying it, not sure yet though. And anyone that did this with the 8.8 rear end swap, is there any drive shaft issues?
    Thanks guys!
  2. You can blow up a stock T5 on summer tires with a stock 5oh on the street. :shrug:
  3. Theres is no telling when a T5 will break. I broke my first one going into third and driving normal.My current T5 is a '86 that has a few changes. I dont beat on this one nearly as bad and have probably 200 hp more now. Astro Performance claims to build stronger t5's but you shock a transmission enough and somehting will break.
  4. I think if it were me (though I've never owned a Stang with an auto), I think I would beef up whatever it is you have and work on making THAT as bullet proof as possible.
  5. One of the t-5's big weaknesses is drag racing. Shifting hard, particularly from 2nd to 3rd gear tends to bend the internal shift linkages causing problems staying in gear and synchro damage. If you are doing that much drag racing I would suggest a Tremec tranny. If that's out of the budget, at least put a quality shifter with shifter stops on it to prevent damage. Also be very careful to make certain you get a t-5 from a v8 car. There are tons of 4cyl versions out there, and it's very hard to tell the difference. They will bolt in and everything with v8 bellhousing but they won't stand the torque very long.
  6. From what you're saying, you need a TKO, not a T5.
  7. Fellas... I think our OP has jumped ship. LOL
  8. they usually do when they are new to forums. They ask questions then leave.