Drivetrain T5 Flywheel

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  1. I am looking for a flywheel for a 69 302 that i will be putting a t5 behind. I dont want to spend a lot of money on the wrong flywheel, so i want your opinion. What is the difference between a 157 and 164 tooth flywheel(besides the teeth). I found this flywheel at JEGS.
    I guess my main question is will this flywheel work with a T5?
  2. you will need a fly wheel balanced for your 302 not the t5 .the fly wheel will have to match the bell housing you will be using
  3. That flywheel is 28oz 164 teeth. I will be using the stock bellhousing that came with the t5. i think it is a 86 1/2 -89 world class t5.
  4. The 164 tooth flywheel has a larger diameter that the 157 tooth flywheel. The 164 tooth flywheel will not fit in the T5 bellhousing.
  5. Thank you. That is what i needed.
  6. you can get a billet 28 oz 157 tooth for the T5 that mounts a 10 1/2 diaphragm (King Cobra style) on eBay for $110 to 150. The flywheel is the same for 289 and 351
  7. How can you tell if a flywheel is bad or good?
  8. If it makes a rattling sound it may be bad .If it blows a hole in bell housing and comes through the floor... it may be bad. If you see it rolling down the road in front of the car while you are may be bad.:rlaugh:
    just yanking your chain. there could be heat cracks on the surface ,warped from heat ,ridges burned in it or to thin to turn it.
  9. i see... its not rolling down the road so i think it will be ok...
  10. is a flywheel from 88 50 oz imbalance?

  11. 5.0 Yes

    351w No.