T5 Into An 03 Gt, How Difficult?

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  1. Was going to replace my 3650 with a TKO600, but Gforce has a T5 that's just as strong as the TKO. Looking at it from a weight stand point. My car is a DD and will see autocross and road courses so I like the light weight. This a doable swap, or am I just nuts?

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  2. I think the G-force T-5 is more adapted for the Fox body (and early SN95) Mustang. It features mechanical speedo output and bolts to a fox bellhousing that doesn't mate to the 4.6L

    So to even have a chance to bolt it to an 03GT would require an adapter plate for the bellhousing (not sure if it exists) and convert the tailhousing to a electronic speedo version which will require some disassembly and you may need the late model mainshaft

    Easier way might be to buy an 99-04 T-5 from a V6, but the G-force gear kit and do the upgrade yourself. You'll still need the adapter bellhousing (which unsure if it even exists)

    Not really sure if this could easily be done
  3. The bell housing I've been looking at works for T5's and TKO's. The speedo was one of my bigger questions. Think I'm sticking with the TKO idea. Thanks for the input.

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