T5 problems. Clutch adjustment

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  1. Ok so i just bought my first fox body. Its a 88 gt. has e303 cam full exaust, and all the regualar bolt ons. the previous owner just got the trans rebuilt(he says) with a zoom clutch and new clutch cable. well the clutch is hard as a brick to mash and has no free travel in it at all and the trans will not go in gear sometimes and grind some. What can i do? I know you can adjust the cable on the fire wall buy its way to hard to turn and cand do it. Am i just gonna have to buy a new trans and clutch. Please help!!!
  2. check the locking nuts on the cable at teh clutch fork. sounds like my car the day i bought it i test drove it and cruised around town. by that night i could barely get home. i thought that my clutch was gone too. i had to powershift it the next morning to get it in thegarage to find out that there wasn't a locking double nut on the cable. hopefully yours is that easy.
  3. ok thanks man will try first thing tmrw. I hope tht fixes it
  4. you may need to work out your cluthhing leg. lol pressure plate may be bad. could be your cable.i'd try that first.
  5. Clutch adjustment
    Do the clutch adjustment first before considering any other problems. With the stock plastic quadrant and cable, pull up on the clutch pedal until it comes upward toward you. It will make a ratcheting sound as the self adjuster works.

    Clutch pedal adjustment with aftermarket quadrant and cable: I like to have the clutch completely disengaged and still have about 1.5” travel left before the pedal hits the floor. This means that I have only about 1” of free play at the top before the pedal starts to disengage the clutch. Keep in mind that these figures are all approximate. When properly adjusted, there will not be any slack in the clutch cable. You will have 4-15 lbs preload on the clutch cable.

    The binding common to adjustable cables is often due to misplacement of the adjusting nuts on the fork end of the cable. This will also cause the cable to wear and fray. Both nuts should be on the back side of the fork so that the domed nut faces the fork and the other nut serves as jam or locknut to the domed nut.
  6. well thanks for all the help and no it wasnt the clutch leg its been doin its been ******in gears for a while. The jack ass previous owner didnt put the clutch cable in right. shes all good to go now.
  7. well everything was good now the clutch is slippin bad
  8. yea might be pressure plate.... i dont like the cables that adjust down at the fork... i snapped two of those cables down where they are crimped at the end... id look at the clutch then get a non adjustable cable with a new firewall adjuster since you said you cant move it.
  9. imma have to buy a clutch. U can really see the wear on it. the previous owner couldnt drive good and rode the hell out of it. Any rec.