T5 shifter handle made from a 3 speed Mustang shifter on ebay

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  1. - Classic Mustang 3-speed Shifter Handle Machined to Fit a Stock T5 Shifter Base .
    I purchased this 3-speed shifter, removed the linkage, cut off the base, machined a flat mounting surface, drilled the two mounting holes, and than machined a flat spot to accomodate the bolt heads. * The mounting surface is designed in such a way that much of the pressure from the handle, during shifts, is transmitted directly to the shifter without stressing the mounting bolts.* This handle will bolt up to most stock and many aftermarket shifters.* Reproduction shifter handles like this sell in the after market for over* $100.00 + S&H, and do not have the fit that this handle does.* This handle has the added advantage of being stock original Mustang equipment.*

    *** • **** Classic look
    *** • **** Correct positioning and angle for easy shifting
    *** • **** "Sleeper look" they will never know you are running a T5
    *** • **** A classic Mustang shifter boot completely covers the bolted-together area

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    Ebay link:
  2. i need that, but too steep right now :(
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