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Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by srtthis, Nov 26, 2013.

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  1. going to be pulling out my T5 this weekend along with everything needed for the swap. pictures will come once everything out of the car. but if your local i will let you look under the car to see the T5 lol

    1990 T5 dont know exact milage on it i picked it up at carlilse last yet the owner said he had around 36K on it when he pulled it out. ive put 200 miles on it. (nothing wrong with it i just havent had time to drive my car
    zoom kevlar clutch with 500 miles on it
    stock flywheel...
    stock cable
    Quick release quadrant
    firewall adjuster
    pedal assembly
    pro 5.0 shifter but will need a new handle.

    not looking to split up... asking 800 for everything
    located in northern maryland... i can ship
  2. Some of it's out

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  3. everythings out... price lowered to 650.
    the hub of the clutch disk is cracked so it will need to be replaced. pretty sure i did this pulling it out since i never heard any noise from the clutch before i pulled it out.
  4. new years bump
  5. if you change your mind and decide to split it up, let me know.
  6. willing to split it up... make offers on parts. gotta move it to order the converter
  7. trans
    bell housing
    all pending tonight -SOLD

    pressure plate
    quick release quardant
    firewall adjuster
    cable all still for sale
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  8. only thing left is the flywheel and pressure plate make offers
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