"TA Report" error during CD play

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by hi_stik, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. This is an error that has started to manifest itself only in the last couple of months.

    Car: 2004 GT (40th Anniv SE)
    Stereo: Mach 460

    Description: Whilst driving along, listening to a CD, all of a sudden the stereo will display this: "TA Report", and simultaneously kicking over to an FM station that is not a preset, and decreasing volume also.

    I can hit the "CD/Aux" button, and return to listening to the CD, but this error is quite annoying.

    Has anyone else encountered this error, and if so, does anyone know of a solution?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. well I am embarrassed. I guess I should have consulted my car manual before posting...

    forgive me of this egregious error.
  3. Ha, not a problem. Took me a little bit to find the reason behind it, but I'm glad we have it figured out. By the way, Welcome to :SNSign:
  4. thanks a bunch. Next I shall fall on the great Mustang majority to find out solutions to my waterspot problem...in the appropriate forum.