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  1. image.jpg I need help. I have a 92 mustang lx and I'm trying to install a APC tach with shift light. I'm honestly confused. If anyone knows how to install help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. I tried to link to a diagram but it won't work for whatever reason. Google image search 'tach install' and you will get what you need. It's very easy to do.
  3. I got the tach to light up but now the problem is getting signal to it from the coil I have tried hooking it to the tan wire with a yellow tracer but no signal. Any ideas??
  4. Typically for tach installation, there are 4 wires: The wire colors given here are for wires on the car, not for the tach. The tach wires may be different colors.
    1). Switched power from the ignition - tap the red/green wire on ignition coil.
    2.) Illumination - tap the light blue/red wire in the radio mount area.
    3.) Tach signal - tap the dark green/yellow wire on the ignition coil.
    4.) Ground.- find a clean, shiny, bare metal spot under the dash or in the radio mount area.
  5. I don't see a green/yellow wire on coil I have a tan/yellow and a red/green. I've tried hooking it up to the tan/yellow wire but no signal...
  6. Sorry, I missed the fact that you had a 92, the wiring colors are different, The tan/yellow is the correct wire to use for the tach signal. If you wired up everything else correctly, the tach doesn't work...
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