Tach Mounting questions. HELP!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black331Stang, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. iim in teh process of installing a tach and the way that i think i should do it seems wayyy complicated...im mounting it to the flat part of the dash like mostly everyone else does...i guess im just missing something(idea wise).. i got it where i want it and now there is NO way to get screws in the holes on the mounting bracket cause the tach is in the way...snd if u have to remove the bracket its still hard has hell to mark the spot where u want it....do u have to remove the bracket, screw it down, and then mount up the tach? if so thats gotta be a PITA cause theres no room or barely any to get a wrench on the left side..and plus its a pain to do it even when the tach in your lap...
    How did u guys mount yours? do i have the right idea? maybe i just thought it was gnna be easer than what it is...thanks for any help.
  2. i think i figured it all out...lol....pics of your mounted would be cool, so i can get an idea how u guys have your light.
  3. There's several pics in a thread on 5.0 talk under thread
    christmas gift-need pics of your tacs or something similar
  4. yeah saw that...i got it all installed and stuff...looks good....i guess just let thias thread die in peace now..lol