Tachometer issues

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  1. Hey, my mustang's tach is wonky. It reads about 1000 lower than it should.
    Occasionally it will work right, and my check engine light will go off and the car will run fine, but when the check engine light comes back on, the tach goes funky again, and the car runs like crap (won't accelerate well, hesitates).
    Anybody got any ideas? I asked a tech at the local dealer about the tach, and he blew it off like it wasn't a big deal....

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. *EDIT*
    blah... damn you non distributor people... always gotta be different... =)
  3. They have a 92 so no distributor...Replace the ignition module and all will be well (it's located on the front of the intake manifold...a plug going into the top and bottom of the grey module.

    Wonky? :rlaugh:
  4. Thanks for the options....Gives me something to play with when I can take over my Dad's garage over Christmas...

    Wonky...definitely wonky...

  5. Sorry....Makes for one less major part to get screwed up royally... :p
  6. wonky... that's a awesome word

    "hmm my mustang tach no wonky..it went wonky on me earlier...wonder how im gonna fix that wonkified thing?"

    wow that word can be used in place of ALOT of words!!
  7. I think we have another girl on our hands btw :D

  8. Last I heard I was still a girl.... ;)
  9. :flag: *coughpicscough*
  10. I have a spare Ignition Control Module (ICM) that I replaced on mine before I took the engine out. Less than a year old. PM me if your interested. cheap+shipping