Tackiest / Ricey Mustangs CONTEST

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 S-197 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by jackjohnson, Feb 9, 2006.

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  2. thats mean, but funny too. there are alot of stickers and emblems on that thing. too many letters, but too each his own.
  3. here we go again! round 2!
  4. Dude, that's my car!!!

    Jussssssst kidding. :eek:
  5. isnt that dudes car on our forum,,
  6. I do believe I have seen pics of that car on our forum before.
  7. LOL...doesn't look that bad to me...

    I'd get rid of the weak "245" stickers on the hood scoop, otherwise, it really reminds me of the 69/70 Mach 1.
  8. Be careful with what you ask for...







    BTW, "quoting" ugly/tacky/ricey Mustangs is stupid and should be a felony. Remove the [​IMG]
  9. The grey with silver race strips? I really dig that. and I like the lighting on the inside of that stang. Thats pretty sweet lookin. I never really cared for all the lights underneath cars however.
  10. LOL. That ain't grey; it's Windveil Blue.
  11. I wasn't too sure! Tough to call with the lighting from the camera.

    Even still, It looks sharp! :)
  12. Now this is tacky.
  13. OM F'ing G, I have a V6 with a substantial amount of mods, but I would never, ever, eva eva eva, try to pass it off as a COBRA GT 500 whatever it is. Look at the grille, its an abomination.
  14. The grille is the least of its problems. Check out the less-than-amateur stripe job.
  15. What an [​IMG].. what's yours look like :shrug: ??

    Then you must not think much of the 69 Mustang either..


  17. I think it looks good! Reminds me of the old 69 as well.

    You all want to see tacky try this:


    Instead of going after our own stang members. Why don't you guys post up pics of your cars as well.
  18. sorry, it was just for fun.heres mine

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  19. My thoughts exactly but each to his/her own!

    I like the orange colour however