Tackiest / Ricey Mustangs CONTEST

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  1. SAD ~ so sad ~

    If it were a real horse someone would have to put it out of it's misery ...
  2. celticstanger, take the pics off your post. We don't need to see that atrocity more than once.
  3. I agree!
    Do the words "cruel and unusual punishment" mean anything to you?
  4. I love this one >>> "fast and furious car"

    {quote} Q: Maybe you didnt understand the question. I was asking about engine mods or other mechanical modifications to the car and if you can tell me what they are. I am very interested and the car looks really nice but im curious as to whats under the hood. If you can post some pictures of the engine that would be nice too.
    A: i did a lot stuff under the hood, but i never did nothing inside the engine because, i could lose my insurance on the car,once you do something inside the engine it self you lose your engine insurance, and belive me you don't want to do that, but if you want i can send you more pictures of the engine, cooler, the things inside the hood, more detail pictures ....

    :lol: :rlaugh: :lol:
  5. First he says the engine isn't modded and then he says he has something under the hood giving it 400hp. Maybe he painted the engine yellow? That's usually good for an extra 100hp, isn't it? :rlaugh:

    And I thought for sure that this guy wrote the last question to himself:

    "Q: hay where did u get the trunk i would love to get on. the the stang. that guy at dont know what a girl like bad car and fats car get girls check out mine at cardomain.com/ride/2155482. well good luck with selling the car wis i could get it

    A: thanks see ya"

    Then I clicked on the cardomain link and saw that the person asking the question was driving this! Ladies and Gentelmen, we have a new entrant for the tackiets mustang competition!



  6. Wow.
    I don't think I've ever actually seen a butt that was that ugly, so I'm searching for a new way to describe that thing.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  7. "uckin fugly shiece of pit" is the first thing that came to mind
  8. :lol:

    The remedial command of English is right out of Westminster, too!

    TOO funny!

    "Me likely of the trunk on car. How you do?"

    "You have bad as car! Ingore these person of rudes. I have question - car, it has Turbonator to get all horsespower?"
  9. A lto fo poelpe dnot udnretsnad taht it si ok to selpl wrods icrrenotcly as lnog as the frist and lsat ltteres are in the rhgit palce. Its a fcat of the hmuan mnid!!!!
    If you had a poblerm raednmig taht aobve...let me konw. But you suolhd be albe to raed tihs vrey esaliy!!!!
    Sntagent is cool....I lveo my Mstuang!!!!:nice: :nice:
    English grammar is taught to minimal standards in todays schools...sorry to say that but its true.

    I thought you all might get a kick out of this. Individually, most of these words make no sense. :shrug: Group them together into statements and wallah!!! Its a lot easier to read than you might think!!!!:D
  10. Your paragraph there was very easy to read, yes. (I've seen that before.) The person's sentences on eBay was nothing like yours, and made mostly no sense what so ever. It wasn't like he was spelling them wrong as he couldn't speak or type english very well!
  11. Thought I would save you guys the trouble.... here's the latest tacky addition to my car...

  12. Wilsons, I know I just thought it would be cool to share that with the people that don't know. My sense of humor kicked in, i guess. But I still think its an interesting little piece of info...I am in to the info that people really do not need to know.
    Back to the subject at hand.

    John...I think that your yellow stang looks great and is very unique. Does that hood scoop want to fly off going down the highway?
  13. 7 bolts... it's not moving! LOL!


    It's currently non-functional... but MRT is working on a kit to make it functional!
  14. Dude thats freaking awsome! You gave me a whole new respect for the V6!
  15. aaah its all good :nice:
  16. Thanks!
  17. Thats cool you documented the mod with pics. I am sure those holes were pre-marked, but I was thinking it would be horrible if after he started drilling, the guy said...:jaw: "whooops!!!!":D

    Oh and btw...lets see a pic of the entire car. I would like to know the appearance effect factor of the hood scoop addition. Thanks!!!

  18. Whats the HP and Torque ratings on your stang now?

    I'm a huge fan of torque!!
  19. Well... we haven't dyno'd the juice since we put the new muffler on... I'm guessing we should be in the 390's for torque.... maybe 270 for HP... don't know if it will hit 400 yet... that might take the 125HP jets... LOL! Will probably try to get it on the dyno soon...