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  1. MRaburn Did we lose the Tag feature with the new software?
  2. Oh you mean to assign tags to a thread? I have not looked in to that yet but I think they are. How did you make use of them so I can see what others ways you could make it work.

    Edit: Nobody used them really at all, maybe just you. I always thought they were a neat idea but people tend not to use them (too lazy?, out of site?). What I plan to do is make heavy use of Thread Prefixes.
  3. lol that's funny this was one of my first sites I visited when I started doing this and my very first post I made was followed by a email from you saying how to use the Tag feature and what it did and now it's part of my normal routine for all sites I visit. I use them with the hope when people use the search feature it give my thread more attention and draws more people to it. I have used Thread Prefixing too and thing this is a great idea. Tagging is a great tool but if I am the only one using it then no worries bro I will use whatever new tools you have for us.
  4. Ya I agree with you whole heartedly about tagging, its just it was just not used correctly.

    Thread prefixes will help. I saw some other devs talking about tags so it may be coming, Ill dig!
  5. alright cool, thanks for the help and time.