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  1. Hey guys got a few questions hope to get answered. About a week ago i got my first car (87 gt) and it has some clear Lx tail lights. Theres about a quarter inch gap between the lenses and the housing. First question, is that normal for all Lx lenses? If i do get new tail lights would it be worth selling the clear lenses? They're in pretty good shape. Thanks in advanced.
  2. if im not mistaken i believe that gap between the lenses and the taillight housing is normal, but it really depends on the rubber seal,which waterproofs the taillights and i would sale the clear lenses too!
  3. The gap is normal.

    Toss the clear lenses on Ebay, but I don't think you'll get much. The clear lenses have been outdated for a while.
  4. I think that's normal, but can you post some pictures...?
  5. I think they're supposed to be held with clips and sealed with butyl tape. My left hand one is installed with silicone and has a gap. I think latemodelrestoration sells a kit with the clips and tape.
  6. That gap looks normal.

    The lenses are held on with Butyl tape and various clips. Autozone carries the butyl tape in the aisle they sell the RTV in.

    As for the clips, try late model resto

    The clips might be on the clear lenses you have now, so check there first.
  7. Thank you. I thought maybe it was a different housing or something.
  8. They have 4 clips each, two on top two on bottom. There's suppose to be 6 right? Would the extra 2 make a difference?
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