Tail Light Thread

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  1. We have a headlight one.... Now we need a taillight one. I'd love to see some smoked foxbody GT tails, clean stock tails, 94 tails, 96 tails, or just a different spin. SN-95 and Foxbody folks rejoice!!!
  2. One of my favorite shots

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  3. ^^^^^OMG cleanest @$$ ever!!

    ok i'll stop looking at that rearend now :rlaugh:
  4. Just realized how dirty my fuel tank is, haha.

  5. GT

    LX/Cobra Conversion project
    Used 86 GT Lights

  6. My lx tail lights got em with the car dont know if came smoked or someone did this dont look to bad 2013-07-23_18-53-03_555.jpg
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  7. I thought about changing my rear lens to the
    SVO ones but the more I compared it to my color, I really didn't like the yellow color included. Thought about doing the stripes though.
  8. 93 Cobra tails have been on my to do list for many years, one of these days...
  9. stang 3_opt.jpg
    One ass end coming up...
  10. Heres my new smoked tailights
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  11. Here's mine... I took some nice pics on Thursday morning and Thursday evening some lady decided that I needed a new door and fender. I'll post pics later tail.jpg
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  12. ge3yryny.jpg

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  13. Curious is there a trick to lightly wet sand or some cleaner that some have used on there tail lights??
    Trying to get a better sheen or crispness to my lenses.
  14. 2000 grit wet dry paper, compound them then wax
  15. I need a better camera and my my car needs a bath. will report back later.
  16. are those LX wing holes on your trunk?
  17. What brand compound?? ....I'm a novice in all that dept.