Tail Lights Not In Sequence...help!

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  1. I recently decided to retrofit my 2011 with the 2013 tail lights and when I tested them out the passenger side works just fine in sequence but the drivers side one is blinking as a whole unit. I also noticed that it is blinking faster than the right side from the inside. My original tail lights both worked perfect so I know it must be something with that left tail light. Is there a fix or should I pack it up and return it? Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Well heres the latest: I plugged the passenger side in the drivers side and it worked. Plugged both 2013 drivers side lights in the passenger side and both just blink rapidly. Im assuming this can only mean that the passenger tail I got is good and both drivers side tails I got are both defective. Even though all the LEDs light up bright and none appear out. Am I missing something? Im definitely not a wiz at electronics. I put both original tails back in at the moment since they both work fine. What do u guys think?
  3. I'm confused. How many sets of 2013 lights do you have?

    - both stock tail lights work properly
    - 2013 tail lights / passenger side sequences, driver side does not
    - plugged passenger side light into driver side harness and it sequenced?
    - plugged driver side light into passenger harness and no sequencing?

    And after reverting back to your stock tails, they both work correctly (ie. sequencing turn signal indicator)?

    When lights blink fast like that, it is usually an indication of a burnt fuse somewhere.

    Seems odd that you would have 2 sets of 2013 lights and BOTH driver side lights do not sequence but that would appear to be the case if I have the facts (previously stated) correct.
  4. you are correct! I only had 1 complete set of the 2013 lights but the guy I bought them from had an extra drivers side one so he sent it to me and it had the same problem. Im like u I thought theres no way both drivers side lights could have the same malfunction. I thought it had to be a problem with my car but I think Ive done everything I can in the process of elimination and determined yes there are 2 faulty drivers side 2013 lights